Prague In May

Prague in May

Prague in May

Updated: Nov 13, 2017 @ 10:24 am

Handling the Weather and What to Wear

prague-weather-chartIf you pack for Prague in May then expect warm weather but also include a light rain jacket and a sweatshirt to cover most conditions. May can be very changeable but daytime temperatures should not be less than 15 degrees Celsius (hence the sweatshirt/jacket). However they can reach the 30s (hence packing for warm weather including light clothing and sun protection). Evenings will be cooler so consider jeans and a long sleeve shirt. If you are here late in the month and you are a hayfever sufferer then bring your antihistamine.

Eating and Drinking

Visiting Prague in May it’s not a case of what you eat but where you eat. Whereas April marks the opening up of most of Prague’s external attractions, it’s not until May that restaurants will be planning on opening their full capacity external seating. You’ll find a selection of Scenic Restaurants on and by the river and others overlooking the city. Look out for pop-up food and drink festivals. Check my Top Czech Food Picks for a classic stuff or look at the Czech Food page for a more comprehensive guide. Don’t fancy restaurants? then try the Hot Street Food post.


May 1st State Holiday for Labour Day
May 8th State Holiday for Liberation Day
May 30th-31st Jewish Holiday of Shauvrot

Festivals and Things to Do

Check the What’s On page for various links or the Culture page for classical concerts, opera and black light theatre.

Prague Marathon will be run on the weekend closest to May 7th. Expect travel disruption and restrictions on the Old Town Square and surrounding roads. Details on the Prague Marathon page.

Navalis is a religious festival with classical overtones and the event is only on May 26th.

Prague Beer Festival start date varies but the event usually runs from mid-May to the end of the month. More on the Prague Beer Festival page.

Agharta Jazz Festival is only shown at the Agharta Jazz club just off the Old Town Square and invites a selection of local and international talent. This is usually a 2 week festival in either May or June.

Wallenstein Palace has a “free-to-enter” Open Day on May 8th. Take advantage of this as it only happens twice a year and you get a chance to see places not normally open to the public. More on the Wallenstein Garden and Palace page.

Prague Spring International Music Festival starts with a “Prelude” on May 11th with the opening night at the Smetana Hall on May 12th. The event runs for 3 weeks and you can read more on the Music Festival page.

Prague Food Festival is usually in May but largely depends on the availability of the venue and it’s typically a 3-day event. More details on the Prague Food Festival page (and a video).

Prague Fringe starts May 26th and finishes June 2nd. 10 days of theatrical styled events.

Khamoro Gypsy/Roma Culture and Music Festival starts in May and finishes in June and uses parks and clubs throughout the city. Its a 7 day event, partly free and partly ticketed.

Although Plzen has more of a history with the Americans for WW2 you’ll very often see large numbers of World War Two vehicle hardware in Prague from May 4th onwards.

Prague in May usually sees the start of the summer outdoor cinema season. There are a few fixed locations but my advice is to Google for “Letni Kino Prague” to find both fixed and pop-up events.

What about some contemporary jazz and a scenic cruise combined (option to eat as well). Details on the Jazzboat page.

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