Czech Food – Vinna Klobasa

Czech Food – Vinna Klobasa

Despite the name “Klobása” which you would expect to be red in colour, vinná klobása is a white sausage although it might acquire some colour once cooked. It has a very unique appearance on the plate.

coil of pork sausage called vinna klobasa on a plate served with boiled potatoes
Vinná Klobása

The basic ingredients of vinná klobása will be pork mince, bread soaked in milk, white wine and spices (salt, pepper, marjoram and garlic). At that point it can be made into meatballs if preferred but the classic way is to serve it as a long sausage. So long is this sausage that it has to be coiled and held in place with a wooden stick which is why it looks so unique on the plate (in Czech we would call this coil of meat a “Šnek” or in English a “snail”).

Vinná klobása or “wine sausage” takes it’s name because white wine should be included in the process of making it hence often you’ll detect the faint touch of vinegar. In the traditional sense of mixing the wine with pork mince it has to be eaten quickly before any fermentation takes place so it’s always eaten fresh. In a restaurant environment you have a heat-treated version so it’s quite safe.

It’s not the most appealing thing to look at when it’s uncooked but hopefully you’ll be receiving the cooked version on your plate where you’ll find it’s usually been fried on both sides (although roasting is an option). The sausage will be crispy on the edges and softer in the centre. It’s deceptively filling.

What is Vinná klobása Served With?

It should always be served with potatoes in the form of regular boiled potatoes (possibly with a butter sauce), pureed potatoes or a potato salad. On occasion in more expensive restaurants you may find variants which include apple and/or onions. Even though it seems like it’s “bangers and mash”, vinná klobása is never served with any gravy.

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