Luka Lu

Luka Lu

Luka Lu has been here longer than me. I remember walking into this place and initially thinking that it was a Mexican restaurant because it was so colourful but one look at the menu and you’ll see it serves Balkans style food.

Luka Lu external summer garden with wooden floor and blue furniture
Luka Lu External Summer Garden

It was started in this location by an Italian man and his Bosnian wife (the name Luka Lu is Bosnian and means “the Port of Lu”) and was the third of three restaurants created by the owner Veso Djorem which specialised in Balkan food combined with art (people who have lived here as long as I have may remember “Gitanes” and “Dolly Bell”).

This is typical food that you’ll find in the old Yugoslavia from Belgrade down to the Adriatic coast. Many reviewers list this as a “Mediterranean” restaurant and it’s not hard to see why with a decent fish/seafood selection, a range of grilled options and lots of cheese.

Luka Lu probably has the best selection of wines from the region. From Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina plus Macedonia, you’ll find a range of options served by the glass or bottle.

How Luka Lu is divided

It’s wise to make a reservation here especially after 7pm so it’s worth knowing how the restaurant is divided. When you enter Luka Lu i.e. where the bar is located then this is called Salon Nikola so if you are turning up without a reservation this will be the place you’ll probably sit. Adjacent to the area but still at the front of the restaurant is Salon Ivo. Here’s a tip: if you are here in the winter then avoid Salon Nikola because the door opens into this area and cools it down.

luka lu internal covered winter garden
Luka Lu Internal Winter Garden

The next part of the Luka Lu restaurant is the Winter Garden Meša which is a glass covered area pictured above. The furthest part of the building is Gallery Veso (named after the owner who died in 2021) which is divided into two parts and the walls are covered with art which you can buy.

Finally we have the split-level external garden (partly covered) called Summer Garden Aleksa.

Recommended Dishes?

selection of balkans food on a plate at luka lu in prague
Luka Lu Appetiser Plate for Two

It’s a fairly large menu so there is generally something for everyone. The restaurant menu is very detailed in it’s ingredients and publishes the EU Allergen identification system so you know what you’re eating. I’ve been here for as little as a glass of wine and a large salad (@czk400) or with Gibanica (@czk600). I’ve had the Bouillabaisse (thick fish soup). I’ve had the Luka Lu appetiser plate for two (pictured above) with Baklava as a dessert and Luka Lu’s own risotto with beef and mushrooms. Don’t turn away the bread either because it comes with their own homemade cream cheese.

Újezd 33/402
Luka Lu Website

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