Pekarstvi – Bakery

Pekarstvi – Bakery

In Prague you’ll find Pekařství all over the city. Some still adhere to their original role of selling bread. Many offer additional services but most of them will be closed by 6pm so this is very much a place you’d stop for a simple breakfast or something to take away for lunch. We have something called a Kavarna which specialises in coffee but also sells cakes. We also have something called a Cukrarna which specialises in cakes and also sells coffee. A Pekařství also sells cakes and coffee but specialises in bread.

pekarstvi signage
Pekařství – Czech Bakery

Why You Visit a Pekařství

pekarstvi with glass cabinets, cakes and fried food
Pekařství typical morning scene

Like I said, the main reason for locals to visit is to buy bread and rolls especially in the mornings. Tourists will come here at breakfast time as Pekařství usually open early for some of the cheapest coffee and cakes in the city. Compared to a Cafe, you’ll find prices will be 60% cheaper. The drawback is “ambience” i.e. there isn’t any. There might be a fixed table/chair or more likely a raised table to stand at but nothing else, no milky flower decoration on your coffee, no service to table, no brown sugar etc. There are reasons why it’s cheaper.

Coming here for Lunch

pekarstvi selling pizza and baked snacks
Pekařství sell snacks like pizza and sausage rolls

Pekařství are more closely related to what we call Lahůdky i.e. a delicatessen. It will do two things that most other cafes do not. Firstly are filled open sandwiches that we call Chlebičky. Second is cold fried food which can be smaženka, schnitzel, karbánatek, fried cauliflower and bramborák (like a big hash brown).

Where Do I Go?

About 100 metres from the Old Town Square is a Pekařství on the corner of the street called Dušni (all pictures on this post were taken there). I come here for a quick breakfast of coffee and a koláč which currently is priced CZK66. If I’m short of time I might come here for a quick snack like a slice of pizza or sausage roll. I’ll come here again in the summer for good value ice-cream (an ice-cream wafer is CZK22) and also to top up with mineral water where a standard 1.5L bottle (no gas) should be about CZK25.

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