Prague In January

Prague in January

Prague in January

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Handling the Weather and What to Wear


The chart gives averages which are useful in terms of coldest/wettest months etc but if possible look for a 10-day forecast to see the weather trend and a 5-day forecast for more detail. If December has been cold then Prague in January will see the first snow that lays on the roofs and streets of the city. Although attractive it also means slippery cobbles so shoes and boots with grip are recommended. Average temperatures are around freezing so if you are intent on walking around then bring a pair of thermal leggings to wear under your jeans (you can build up layers on top i.e. shirt/jumper/jacket but your legs will get cold so wearing thermal leggings will help keep your feet warm as well). Hats and scarves will help deal with any wind-chill issues.

Eating and Drinking

Check my top six Czech food picks for an introduction to the year-round classic meals and for more info look at the Czech food page. To be honest, if visiting Prague in January then you are likely to be using meal times to get inside and warm up but if you do want to stay outside then you’ve got the Christmas Market options up to January 6th. Check the Prague Markets and Hot Street Food post for what to expect and tips. Take a look at the Pay by Weight post to understand how that works here. There’s my Six Hot Alcoholic Drinks post to keep you warm and there’s also my Why we don’t eat Zebra post.


January 1st is a National Holiday. All state institutions are closed.

Festivals and Things to Do

Fun Activities All Year Round

Fun Activities All Year Round

Check the What’s On page for various links or the Culture page for classical concerts, opera and black light theatre. I work with a local company that offers a variety of fun things to do at various locations in and around the city. Indoor and outdoor activities, simulators, shooting, skydiving, tanks, jets/balloon flights and lots more. Check out the Fun Activities in Prague.

A Guided Walking Tour For Less than the Price of a T-Shirt

You think guided tour – too expensive! or you don’t want to be in a big group or struggle understanding the guide. No problem there as for less than the price of a T-Shirt you can do a tour with me in Native English and it’s limited to 6 people. Entertaining, highly rated tours, 2.5 hours, great value and a great experience. If you are used to taking guided tours or even if you want to try it for the first time, you’ll enjoy it and you’ll remember it long after you’ve left the city. Tips on eating and drinking, saving money, avoiding queues and lesser known places to visit. All included.
Take a look at the Old Town and Jewish Quarter Hidden Secrets or the Prague City Walking Tour.

If you are born in January then treat yourself to a piece of Bohemian Garnet because Garnet is your birthstone. Likewise it makes a great gift for a friend. Take a look at the Bohemian Garnet page.

January 1st usually at 6pm sees the Official Firework display. As the area on Letna Park is usually the launch point then you’ll get the best views from the riverside close to the Hotel Intercontinental and Rudolfinum. Details will be on the New Year page.

January 6th is the last day of the Christmas Markets. Up until that evening you can still see the Prague Christmas Tree Light Show on the Old Town Square. Check the video for what to expect each afternoon from 4-30pm to 9-30pm.

January 5th is what we call “three-kings”. Don’t worry if you see people writing in chalk on doorways things like K+M+B 2018 as it means good luck. Be on Malostranské Náměstí at 3-30pm and you can follow the three kings riding their camels over to the Old Town Square (arriving there @4-30pm).

January 16th marks the day that Jan Palach self-immolated and January 19th marks the day he died. In this period but especially on those days you’ll find Czechs gathered at the top of Wenceslas Square or at his plaque on Námesti Jana Palacha (featured image above).

Up to January 7th you can see the powerful Ai Wei Wei project called “Law of the Journey” which is an artistic venture into displaying the hazzards faced by migrants attempting to get to Europe. Read the National Gallery post and you’ll want the Veletržni Palace in Prague 7.

Prague in January sees the Euro Film Fest start late in the month and goes to Brno afterwards.

Czech Press Photo exhibition will be at the Old Town Hall (1000-1900) until 31/1. Lots of news photos by professional Czech and Slovak photographers and photo-journalists.

Architecture fan? From Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm you’ll find a free tour of the Colloredo-Mansfeld palace. Karlova 2.

Walking tours in January are still popular but you need to dress for it. Thermal top and leggings are recommended if the high temperature is 2 degrees C or less. Waterproof jackets if it’s raining or snowing. Cold but undeniably fun to stroll around the city in the snow. Take a look at the Old Town and Jewish Quarter walking tour.

The American Superbowl takes place this month and is usually shown at the Jama “the Hollow” pub.

Prague in January is usually wet or cold so if you want to stay inside then the city has a selection of Museums or you can access the Jewish Synagogues using the Jewish Museum Ticket or you’ve got several locations of the National Gallery.

Parks and Gardens are closed or will have restricted entry times.

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