Kralik or rabbit served with puree potatoes and onion sauce

Czech Food – Kralik

Kralik – Rabbit Tired of Chicken and Pork? Then look out for what we call Králík (it’s pronounced like kraa-leek) which is rabbit. It’s not a common item on regular menus but you’ll see it often on chalkboard menus indicating it’s a temporary item. Later in the year it becomes more available (hunting season) where … Read More

pilsner urquell lager label made into an advertsing

Pilsner Urquell Lager

Pilsner Urquell – The source of Pilsner Pilsner Urquell is not just a beer, it’s a brand and a worldwide brand at that. Probably one of the most famous beers in the world and certainly the most well known in Czechia let’s explain some things that you may not have known and let’s see who … Read More

coil of pork sausage called vinna klobasa on a plate served with boiled potatoes

Czech Food – Vinna Klobasa

Czech Food – Vinna Klobasa Despite the name “Klobása” which you would expect to be red in colour, vinná klobása is a white sausage although it might acquire some colour once cooked. It has a very unique appearance on the plate. The basic ingredients of vinná klobása will be pork mince, bread soaked in milk, … Read More

czech filled dumplings served on a bed of caramelised onions

Czech Filled Dumplings

Czech Filled Dumplings Very often Czechs will eat smoked pork or what we call Uzena. From the original joint, part will be cooked immediately and part will be frozen to use later. Filled dumplings are what we use it for. Strangely, if a dumpling is filled with meat it’s often just referred to as a … Read More

one kilo beef steak challenge with restaurant logo in prague

1 Kilo Beef Steak Challenge

One Kilo Beef Steak Challenge For my readers who still work with Imperial measurements this is 2.2 Pounds or the same weight as a regular bag of sugar. Are you hungry enough or do you have the capacity for having a go at this? Then head on down to Restaurant Mustek. I know this more … Read More

Czech Pork Knuckle served on a plate

Czech Food – Pork Knuckle

Czech Food – Pork Knuckle, a kilo of joy Goulash is the number one most popular Czech Food but Pork Knuckle or what we call Koleno is a close runner-up. To be accurate it’s always referred to as Roast Pork Knuckle or “pečené koleno”. It’s a beast and you should not even consider taking this … Read More

fried chicken schnitzel with slice of lemon and french fries

Czech Food – Schnitzel

Czech Food – Schnitzel Mention the word “Schnitzel” and your mind will probably conjure up images of a Vienna or “Wiener” Schnitzel. That dish should specifically made from veal and that is not popular in the Czech Republic. Instead, we use Chicken or Pork and by the way we have another name for it, we … Read More

three traditional czech plum dumplings with sugar and grated gingerbread

Czech Food – Traditional Plum Dumplings

Czech Food – Traditional Czech Plum Dumplings When Fruit is the Main Course Dumplings are a staple part of the Czech diet and you’ll find them served at breakfast, lunch and dinner in different forms. There are some regional variations and one of those is the traditional Czech plum dumpling made with an unexpected ingredient, … Read More

prague manes exhibition hall with blue sky framed by trees as viewed from slavonic island

Manes Exhibition Hall

Mánes Exhibition Hall The Mánes Exhibition Hall, or to give it its full name “The Building of the Mánes Society of Fine Artists” is on the riverside one block up river from the National Theatre but if you aim for Slavonic Island you’ll see the large white building from the main road. In Czech, Mánes … Read More

Prague Goulash - Beef, Bread Dumplings, Onions and Hot Pepper

Czech Food – Goulash

Czech Food – Prague Goulash It’s a Czech staple. For tourists it’s number one on the list of Czech food to try and it’s never the same in any two restaurants so welcome to Prague Goulash. Once upon a time they made the goulash and you waited for three days before eating it. Since we … Read More