Prague In September

Prague in September

Prague in September

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Handling the Weather and What to Wear

prague-weather-chartImagine it’s April but where the leaves are brown and that’s what to expect. It’s one of my favourite times to visit as it will be cool in the morning but still be warm both during the day and in the evening. The chance of sunny clear weather is pretty good but there’s a chance of some cool rain. So you should be looking at shorts on a sunny day, jeans in the evening, a light waterproof jacket and a small umbrella. No night frost yet.

Eating and Drinking

czech burcakCheck my top six Czech food picks for an introduction and don’t forget the Czech Beer page. If you are a wine drinker and even if you are not then Prague in September sees the first wine of the year. The really early wine is known as Burčák (pictured) and some places call it “wine cider”. It can be either white or red and can come in many flavours but it should be a little sweet and yeasty as it has not finished fermenting. Expect to pay @CZK50 for a 0.2L glass.


September 28th State Holiday of ST Wenceslas (Czech Patron Saint)
September 30th Jewish Museum locations closed for first day of Jewish Holiday of Roš ha-šana

Things to Do

This section covers Things To Do in Prague so as well as the stuff below also take a look at the Culture page for specifically booking tickets for Theatre and Concerts. Also check my Skip the Line post which will explain what to expect plus save you some time and money.

Living Prague Tours

Living Prague Tours

Livingpraguetours is my own offer of City Walking tours. I’m British and I’ve lived here for 23 years so you can look forward to a wealth of local and historical information delivered in Native English and I limit scheduled tours to groups of six. Private tours available. Old Town, Jewish Quarter, Lesser Town, Prague Castle, WW2 and beer tasting. Hundreds of excellent reviews from previous clients.

Check the offer at Livingpraguetours.


Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide

GetYourGuide offers a widespread selection of local things to do so it covers regular walking tours, food tours, river cruises, organised folklore/medieval dinners and bike tours. It also covers more activity related stuff like ballooning, skydiving and shooting plus half-day, all-day and overnight trips outside the city. Includes tour detail/operator and client reviews.

Check the offer at GetYourGuide.


Permanent Exhibition. Karel Zeman Museum. Remember the days before CGI and digital film effects? Well Karel Zeman blazed that path. Great place for adults and kids to see how basic special effects were achieved in the early 20th Century. Details at

Permanent Exhibition. Jewish Prague. The Jewish Museum is a collection of different sites including Synagogues, a Ceremonial Hall, Cemetery and Gallery. Check the Jewish Museum post for ticket details and discounted entry tips.

Permanent Exhibition. Invisible. It’s possibly the strangest 90 minutes you’ll ever spend and much of it in total darkness. Welcome to the world of the blind and this is definitely something that will make you reassess your life. book online to find a tour in your language.

Whole month. Jazzboat. What about some contemporary jazz and a scenic cruise combined (option to eat as well). Details on the Jazzboat page.

Whole Month. Jaroslav Rona is better known for his bronze sculptures but he’s also an accomplished artist. The exhibition is located at the Robert Guttmann gallery at the back of the Spanish Synagogue. This is included in the Jewish Museum ticket or you can buy entry separately.

Whole Month. A collection of Black and White photos that document the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 is presented in the Imperial Castle Gardens at the “Queen Anne’s Palace” end. Closest tram stop is Kralvovsky Letohradek.

From 25th September. November 1989 exhibition at the Prague City Museum. Photos, film, posters and leaflets of the time. The other reason to go here is Langweils Model. Details at

September 1st. Troja Food Parade. Last day of the Troja Food Festival. Details at

September 3rd. Naplavka (Raisinovo). A single day kayak/canoe event where competitors show off their skills. It’s part slalom, part Biathlon and they also have to shoot at targets with laser guns…….Check the Naplavka post for location.

September 7th and 8th. Jack Daniel’s Burgerfest. This is located at the Exhibition Ground in Holesovice. 2-day evnt at Kriziks Fountain with a mix of stalls events and bands. Details at

September 8th. Kaspar’s Festival. This is a local Prague 6 festival in the Obora Hvezda (the old game park in Brevnov). Good family fun, lots of stalls for food and drink plus local bands. Take any tram 22 or 25 and get off at the stop Vypich or Obora Hvezda then walk into the park. Details at

September 11th 1pm you’ll find the free-to-air performance of the Castle Guard Band in the 3rd Courtyard of Prague Castle.

September 13th and 14th. Integrated Rescue Weekend (Fri-Sat). Something a bit different. It’s a collection of rescue services showing what they do and how they do it. Located at the exhibition grounds in Holesovice. Free-to-air. Details at

September 13th and 14th. Vinohrady Wine Festival. Located at the front of the Jiriho z Podebrad church (metro has the same name). Free to enter so you just buy what wine and accompanying food that you want. Details at

September 14th. Letna Night Run. You can register for 2 different events on the same night. One is the 10K run, the other is a 5K charity run. The event takes place in Letna Park. Details (Czech-only) at

September 14th and 15th. Wine Tasting in the Castle Gardens. It’s free to enter the gardens so you only pay to taste the wine and food from the stalls. Local entertainment included. Location details at

September 20th and 21st. Wine Tasting Festival. The festival is split between two places. On the Friday afternoon it’s at Namesti Miru Square. On the Saturday it moves to the Grebovka Park. Free admission, stalls,wine, food and handicrafts. Details at

September 21st. Dream Places. The city comes alive with streets and squares transformed into local festivals. Details and concept at with locations listed closer to the event.

September 27th to 29th. Veggie Festival. It’s located at the Old Burgraves House and adjacent park of the Vysehrad complex. Not just food, it’s an education in sustainability with lectures and workshops. CZK100 entry fee to cover basic costs and bamboo cutlery which you keep if you want. You pay for what you want to eat/drink. Details at

September 28th. ST Wenceslas Wine Festival. CZK200 entry but it includes some tasting options otherwise you pay for what you want (you get a glass when you arrive and you give it back when you leave). It’s run by Villa Richter which is at the base of the Old Castle Steps (entry both top and bottom of the steps). Usually runs for 11am until 6-7pm. Details at

September is the last or the warm evenings so if you want to kick off your shoes and enjoy a cocktail on the beach then see what’s on in the Zlute Lazne Recreational Area. Look out for a 2-day event at the end of the month showcasing a selection of microbreweries. CZK100 entry fee and guaranteed good mood. Take the number 3 tram.

September 3rd marks the death in 1948 of the second Czech president Edvard Beneš. You can learn more about him on the Edvard Beneš post and his statue outside the Foreign Office building at the Černín Palace. Beneš was both the pre-WW2 president and also the sitting president when the Communists took over.

The last weekend of September in Prague sees UMTRH which is basically an open air collection of performing arts usually located at the back of the Hotel Intercontinental. Concerts, films, lightshows, book readings. See their website for details

Feeling sporty? No dates published yet but in September you’ll find Ladronkafest which is a mix of sports, food, activities, and music. Free entry and activities. Details at


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