two open czech sandwiches. One is ham and egg, the other is smoked salmone

The Czech Open Sandwich – Chlebicek

Chlebicek – the Czech Open Sandwich When I first arrived in Prague what I considered to be a sandwich was two pieces of bread with something in the middle. For me an open sandwich was party food. Then you come to realise that a Chlebiček (it sounds like if you say Hlebeecheck) is fresh, quick … Read More


Prague Beer Halls – U Vejvodu

Prague Beer Halls – U Vejvodu There’s a difference between a spacious pub or micro-brewery and a beer hall. The clue is in the name i.e. “hall”. It has to be cavernous on the inside so in all the years I’ve lived in Prague I’ve only ever recommended friends to go to one of my … Read More

Prague Folklore and Medieval Tour Review

Prague Folklore and Medieval Tour Review The format of this type of tour is that you’ll be based in one place with unlimited beer/wine. They can both be fun and interactive so your choice of tour will determine the entertainment offered. For example on a Prague Folklore tour it will mostly be music/dancing and you’ll … Read More

flight of beers in prague

Czech Food and Beer Tasting Walking Tour

Czech Food and Beer Tasting, Selected Beer, Classic Czech Food and Great Conversation NOTE: I’ve now moved all of my tour related pages over to the dedicated website at https://www.livingpraguetours.com where you can read about me, my ethos, the range of tours that I offer, the booking process, Reviews and FAQ etc. Any links below … Read More

LOKAL PRAGUE – Buy a Homeless Person a Meal

Lokal – Buying a Meal for the Homeless I described in the Novy Prostor post how you can buy a meal for the homeless but I thought it was worth raising it’s profile because many people don’t realise how easy it can be to help the homeless with a single simple act. While you are … Read More

Prague Nut Allergy Advice

Managing a Nut Allergy in Prague Having a Nut allergy is a serious business. On this post I’ll explain the EU Allergen system, suggest things to avoid here in Prague, suggest specific instances to look out for, where to get a replacement Epipen and a full “Allergy Warning” text for you to print. Allergen List … Read More

Prague Food Top Six Picks

Prague Food Top Picks – It’s Filling Remember that Czech food like Goulash, Beef Sirloin and Braised pork as well as beer tasting are included in the Czech Food and Beer Tasting walking tour which includes the Old Town and Jewish Quarter. Coming to Prague for a few days and want to know what Prague … Read More

Czech Food Cooking Classes in Prague

Czech Food Cooking Classes I was fortunate enough to have a real Czech Babicka (mother-in-law) to observe and learn some of the tips and tricks for making classic Czech food. I soon learned that soups could be like a French consomme at one end of the scale and thick enough to cut with a knife … Read More

Prague Food Tours

Prague Food Tours In this post I’m looking at Prague food tour options where the emphasis is on the food, it’s history, how it fits into the culture and how it’s constructed. Great conversation is fine but you’re paying for a food tour. Since 2014 Prague has become one of the best food tourism destinations … Read More

Naplavka Farmers Market

Naplavka Farmers Market There are different Farmer’s Markets around Prague running on different weekdays but generally they’ll all be open on Saturday. Naplavka (it means “on the embankment”) is a Saturday morning market from 8am although they do stretch it out to late afternoon to catch the “early dinner” crowd. It runs all year and … Read More