50cm tall mole cuddly toy sitting on a bench

Krtek – Little Mole

Krtek the Little Mole If you have spent any time in the Czech Republic and you have young kids then you will have stumbled across Krtek which translates in English to Little Mole. Krtek is the main character in at least 50 short animated films but he has friends like a rabbit and a hedgehog … Read More


A Trip to Prague Zoo

A Trip to Prague Zoo Since having children we’ve been to Prague Zoo many times both before and after the flood in 2002. Without doubt it’s a lot better now than it was then. Apart from the animals that died that August, I can’t help but think that the flood was actually a blessing in … Read More

The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – AMU

Prague Universities – Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – AMU AMU is the fifth oldest arts school offering a university-level qualification in TV and Film having been established as a faculty in 1946. The university itself was founded by Presidential decree in October 1945 with the original two faculties of DAMU for Theatre and … Read More

University of New York in Prague – UNYP

University of New York in Prague – UNYP This is not NYU. The University of New York in Prague is a private business. It’s the largest English Language higher education institute in the country and has only existed as an accredited higher education institution since 2001 but it’s strength is in it’s partnerships. You’ll see … Read More

Metropolitan University Prague – MUP

Prague Metropolitan University – MUP Formed in 2001 and offering Barrier-free since 2003 it’s a fairly small university with only just over 5000 enrolled students. Languages taught as well as English include French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Students taking study program in English are also offered the opportunity for learning Czech (check the price). There … Read More

Czech University of Economics – VSE

Prague University of Economics – VŠE VŠE (Výsoka Škola Ekonomika) started out life in 1919 known as VŠO (Commercial College) which was originally part of the Czech Technical University. It taught banking, wholesale trade and company organisation. Post-war 1949 it formed as a university for the first time and was called the University of Political … Read More

Czech University of Life Sciences CULS

Czech University of Life Sciences – CULS CULS is a public university in that is funded by the state but overseen by a private academic board. Agricultural science was first taught in 1776 at what was then the Charles-Ferdinand University. It got it’s own department in 1812 but it was not until 1906 that Emperor … Read More

Czech Technical University Prague CVUT

The Czech Technical University in Prague Foreigners will call it CTU, Czechs call it CVUT. Back in 1705 a man called Christian Josef Willenberg asked the Emperor for permission to educate six people from various classes in “Engineering Arts”. Basically that means “Fortification” so as well as structural building the early engineers were also trained … Read More

czech school sign saying zakladni skola klicek

Choosing Prague Schools – Factors to Consider

Factors to Consider When Choosing Prague Schools In Prague there is a large network of schools at all levels, both public and private. There are several portals with a list of schools where you can choose according to the place of your residence, but you will also find links to individual schools there. Portals like … Read More

International Prague Schools

International Prague Schools Around the city you will also find a number of International Prague Schools that are fully accredited and that follow a traditional curriculum (British/American). Teachers in these institutions gained their approbation mostly in Great Britain and the United States. The Czech state does not contribute to these schools and tuition fees compared … Read More