Prague Jazzboat

Prague Jazz Boat

Prague Jazz Boat

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Just Chilling

Summer is here and people are enjoying outside eating, boat trips and live music. So what about enjoying all three at the same time?

The Prague Jazz Boat is a 2.5 hour river cruise including a welcome drink and a Jazz concert. The Jazz style is usually contemporary and the bands often play on the Jazz Boat as part of the circuit so you can find these bands playing in other local venues. It’s a fun way to spend an evening either just drinking and listening to the band or by including a meal.

How to See Details and Book

Go to the Prague Jazz Boat venue page. You’ll find the following tabs on that page.


The default is the “Info” tab. Click on the “Program” tab where you’ll find the calendar. Find the date(s) that you are interested in and you’ll see two entries both with options for “more info” as shown below.


There’ll be the name of a Jazz band (click “more info” to buy tickets only for the cruise/concert) and “Jazz and Dine” (click “more info” to buy tickets for cruise/concert/meal and select the meal option which, at the time of writing, was Chicken, Pork, Salmon or Vegetarian). You then have the option of printing your tickets or collecting them when you arrive in Prague.

Useful Prague Jazz Boat Info

Tables are for up to 8 people so expect to be sharing. Credit cards can be used to pay for drinks on board. Boarding time is from 8pm and sailing time is PROMPT at 8.30 so don’t be late. Smoking is allowed only on the outside deck. There is no air conditioning in summer but there are fans. Outside deck options are usually available only from May up to the end of October.

Have a great time.

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