Zlute Lazne Prague’s Original Beach Fun

Zlute Lazne – Prague’s Original Beach Holiday Location

What’s to see and do?

If you’re in Prague during the summer and you just fancy a break from the deep culture and stunning architecture then Zlute Lazne (Yellow Spa) might be for you especially if you’ve got kids with you.

Zlute Lazne is a self-contained recreational area including a man-made beach, riverside, large grassy area, special childrens area, hiring of bikes, skateboards, in-line, scooters. Hiring of beach volleyball courts, petanque, table tennis, water sports skates/boards.skis etc. Bars and restaurants open late into the night so below you’ll get some more details and it’s only 6 tram stops from the Old Town.

zlute lazne prague beach scene
Sports Fun and Beach Games All Summer Long

How do you get to Zlute Lazne?

If coming from the centre of town then from the Old Town tram stop (Staromestska) take either Tram numbers 3 or 17 and get off at the Kublova stop. Keep walking in this direction another 300 metres and after the restaurants you’ll find the entry to Zlute Lazne. They have a car park (80 places) otherwise you park out on the road.

Entry and Pricing

It’s actually open the whole year round with free-entry up to the end of April but the main season is between May 1st and September 30th. Basic entry to the park between 9am and 5pm is CZK50 per person (children under 1 metre tall get in free). After 5pm it’s free entry (except Tuesdays when they do a summer cinema). You can buy a basic season ticket for one year for CZK600 or one that includes the Childrens Corner area for CZK800. Those prices are per person. Or you accept that you’ll pay extra above the basic admission for additional services.

If you’ve paid your CZK50 and you’ve got a towel, you just lay that out on the grass and you can soak up the sun for free. If you want to take advantage of the sports facilities like Soft Tennis, Petanque, In-Line, table tennis, Kayak, Volleyball etc then you’ll need to check the rental details depending on the sport.

Sports and Rentals

You can find details of what’s available to rent at https://www.zlutelazne.cz/en/sportovni-aktivity/ but basically (give or take a few special offers) the day is divided into three parts:

MORNING 9am to 2pm (0900-1400)
AFTERNOON 2pm to 5pm (1400-1700)
EVENING 5pm to midnight (1700-2400)

This applies mostly to courts like soft tennis, petanque, volleyball and badminton etc. Anything else on offer is based on time i.e. you pay per hour and expect to put down a CASH deposit for equipment hire. Other per/hour equipment that does not require a deposit includes long boards, carving boards, bikes, kick-bikes, wakeboard, wakeskate, water-skis. Adding safety equipment i.e. pads and helmets will almost double the cost of the rent especially for children.

I’ve noticed that the afternoon and evening sessions are around the same price/hour for most sports with the exception of the Beach Volleyball courts where the rate pretty much doubles in the evening.

Special Events

Throughout the summer months there may be special events going on in the park so the normal “free after 5pm” rule will not apply and there will be a charge i.e. like when there’s Letni Kino (Summer Cinema) on Tuesdays.

On April 30th Zlute Lazne usually hosts a Witches Night party which starts after lunch and finishes before 10pm.


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