signage for museum of communism in prague where russian doll has sharp teeth

Museum of Communism

Museum of Communism 20 years ago I visited the old location of the Museum of Communism and found it quite uninspiring. Fast forward 20 years and the new location in V Celnice has a completely fresh outlook presented in a more understandable timeline with the majority of information about the exhibits translated into English. You … Read More

prague spitfire butterflies sculpture on the maj shopping centre

Spitfire Butterflies

Spitfire Butterflies On August 20th 1940 when Winston Churchill said “never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” he was of course referring to all of those pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain the same year. Strange how, 84 years later, I stood outside … Read More

prague mystic skate park cup poster 2023

Mystic Skate Park

Mystic Skate Park Not everybody comes to Prague for the history and culture. Czechs are very sporty people and there is a wide range of sports activities being participated in throughout the city. One of them is the Mystic Skate Park. Mystic Skate Park in Prague is one of nearly 80 skate parks in the … Read More

prague nostalgic tram 23

Nostalgic Tram 23

Nostalgic Tram 23 There’s a tram that I use several times a week if I’m travelling from to/from the IP Pavlova area of the city or if I’m heading to Prague Castle. Without realising it I have been travelling on what the Prague Integrated Transport system says is their official “Nostalgic Tram 23”. Since 1951 … Read More

Lucerna Music Bar main stage area

Lucerna Music Bar

Lucerna Music Bar The Lucerna Music Bar is part of the larger Lucerna Palace complex. With a capacity of around 1000 people spread over a main stage floor and an upper balcony floor it’s a great venue for locals and tourists. How a Tourist Uses the Lucerna Music Bar You may be following a band … Read More

two men with kannastar t-shirts walking through a field of hemp plants

Kannastar Cannabis in Prague

Kannastar Cannabis in Prague If you’ve read the Cannabis and CBD post you’ll understand how Cannabis products are derived from either Hemp or Marijuana, the fact that only hemp-based products are legal here and why, understanding variants and the various methods of ingestion in Prague. On this post I’ll tell you about a place where … Read More

neo-renaissance upper staircase decoration of the prague museum of decorative arts

Museum of Decorative Arts

Museum of Decorative Arts The Museum of Decorative Arts is currently made up of four different locations, three of which are in Prague. On this post I’ll describe the main building at the address “17 listopadu 2”. If you have an interest in design then the Museum of Decorative Arts should be in your top … Read More

infant jesus of prague in the church of our lady victorious

Infant Jesus of Prague

Church of Our Lady Victorious – Infant Jesus of Prague If you are Catholic then this will be one of the “must-see” locations for you but even if you are not religious it’s still a lovely and historic place to visit. Of course, the main attraction is inside about 20 metres on the right, the … Read More

the art nouveau style tomb of the novak family in prague's vysehrad cemetery

Vysehrad Cemetery

Exploring Prague’s Vyšehrad Cemetery It’s not normally on many people’s top ten list of things to do in Prague unless 1) you like cemeteries, 2) you like art/design and 3) you know something of Czech culture. But for some people a trip to the Vyšehrad Cemetery will be an interesting and rewarding experience. I’ll show … Read More

main entry to the neo-Gothic maisel synagogue in prague

Maisel Synagogue

Jewish Prague – Maisel Synagogue The history of Maisel Synagogue breaks down into 3 periods. 1) Initial 1590 construction in late-Rennaissance style, 2) The 1690s Baroque reconstruction, 3) The 1890s neo-Gothic reconstruction. Maisel Synagogue is probably 4th amongst the synagogues in popularity in the Josefov District but I’ve always had one big reason to visit … Read More