Prague Bike Tours

Prague Bike Tours

This is one of a set of posts which looks at Prague Tours on Wheels so it will include bike tours, eBike tours, eScooter and Segway tours. On this post I’m going to introduce you to a selection of the various Prague bike tours available in the city. This includes short city tours and going outside of the city as well where it’s usually a train ride in one direction and the bike in the other.

Prague is a small city so expect all the Prague bike tours companies are doing more or less the same “city” tour so if they say 3 hours you’ll be biking for about 90 minutes. It’s going to include the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, New Town, Lesser Town and may include the area behind Prague Castle. So the difference in the choice will come down to the type of bike and whether a refreshment is included.

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Bike Tours can be a lot of fun

City Laws and What to Expect

1) There is currently no restriction on riding bikes in the historic centre of the city but there is a law going through parliament that seeks to ban the riding of bikes in the central area between 10am and 5pm, so you’ll see signs on the ground that show a restriction “10-17” but it’s not yet in force. As and when the associated law is passed I’ll update this post and you’ll need to check with your hire company about route changes.
2) Companies may set a “minimum” number of people and if they don’t reach it, expect to be cancelled at short notice.
3) Prague bike tour companies will cover themselves by “recommending” that you use certain safety equipment (like a helmet) or it may say “if requested” but it’s your choice. You’ll be asked to sign a waiver or you’ll be offered insurance.
4) Bike Lanes are not extensive here and in the centre of town only Hybernska and Na Príkope have them.
5) Right-Hand-Rule applies in that if you are approaching an unmarked junction, the traffic coming from your right has priority.
6) A company may specify a bike type or offer the option of an “e-Bike” at the time of reservation but in that case there will be a surcharge.
7) Whenever “Panoramic” is mentioned it means you’ll be riding through Letna Park and many tours offer a stop at the Beer Garden.
8) Whenever the “Prague Castle” is mentioned then you’ll either see it in the distance or be riding behind it alongside the Imperial Gardens. Bikes are not allowed in the Castle complex.
9) The biking season is usually April to October. Some tours may run over the winter but contact the provider for conditions.

TOUR TIP: Here are Some of my Favourite e-Bike Tours and Rental Options

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City Prague Bike Tours Around 2-3 Hours

Of all the Prague bike tours companies, Prahabike has been here the longest and this would be my number one choice. It’s a 2.5 hour tour with a nice route covering Old Town, Lesser Town, part of Hradcany, Petrín Park and the New Town. This one should have the “headset” option which means the guide can tell you stuff as you are riding, not just when you stop.
Check Panoramic Prague Bike Tour Detail/Availability

Here’s pretty much the same group tour, but on an e-Bike with refreshment included.
Check Panoramic Prague eBike Tour Detail/Availability

Here’s pretty much the same tour as above but private so fewer people and it’s a guaranteed e-Bike.
Check Private Panoramic Prague eBike Tour Detail/Availability

Riverside and Parks

3 Hours (10 Miles or 15 Km). This one is my recommended Prague bike tours option if you want to steer away from the really touristy parts of the city i.e. avoiding the Old Town and New Town. It starts in the city but spends most of it’s time either on the riverside plus both Stromovka and Letna parks. You will be riding via the riverside and returning back via the parks and one option includes the Troja Chateau. You’ll get a bottle of water included but after that you buy anything else. Panoramic views over the Old Town from Letna.
Check Prague Bike Tour INCLUDING Troja Detail/Availability

Karlštejn Castle – 35Km – Day Tour Around 9 Hours

This is a one-way trip to Karlštejn Castle (optional Castle tour). It does not include lunch. They’ll suggest a place to stop if you want so allow about CZK250 for lunch, otherwise bring your own. You’ll get a bottle of water but my advice is to take a separate 0.75L with you as well. You take the train back to Prague. The whole day is about 8 hours with 4 hours of riding. The additional time allows for the Castle tour (if anybody want to take it) and transfer back to Prague.
Check Karlstejn Bike Tour Detail/Availability
Check Karlstejn eBike Tour Detail/Availability

On-Street Hire

I’ve now written a post about what to expect if you want to hire bikes, e-bikes and scooters parked in various places around the city. Read more on the On-Street Bikes and Scooter Hire post for options.

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