Bloomest Laundry Self-Service

Bloomest Laundry Self-service

There are launderettes all over the city offering serviced washes and dry cleaning but not so many do a self-service option. In the Old Town (Josefov) area I recommend a place called Bloomest (close to the Spanish Synagogue). I’ve found that the main webpage is only for people interested in opening a franchise and the local website doesn’t really explain how it works so this post is about what to expect and some tips for using Bloomest Laundry at Dušní 13.

prague bloomest laundry signage
Bloomest Laundry in Prague

Bloomest Laundry Opening Times and Location

Weekdays 0800-2100
Weekends 0900-2000

These are the published times but in my experience to be sure it’s open be here from 9am. Bloomest is located at https://maps.app.goo.gl/LWxMCPmjhsxRwao5A.

How the Bloomest Laundry Works – Video

How the Bloomest Laundry Works

Bloomest Laundry main control/payment panel

When you enter the shop you go downstairs to the half-basement and you need to walk to the back of the laundry to the control panel.

Select your language for the main screen

Select what you want to do i.e. wash or dry.

Select the size of machine required i.e. for washing, Small = max 7Kg, Medium = max 10Kg and Large = max 15Kg. On the screen, machines in blue are available, machines in red are in-use or out of service. Note the letter of the machine.

You pay at the screen and at the time of writing that means either notes or coins. When the correct amount has been entered it will tell you to go to the machine that you chose i.e. for washing A, B or C (small) or D, E (medium) or F, G (large).

Pricing for self-service (2024)


prague bloomest laundry area for pet materials
Pet materials and/or small dryer

At the Bloomest Laundry a couple of machines are listed as PET. I wondered if this was a special abbreviation for something but actually it means equipment in this little side room can be used for washing/drying the clothing and bedding of your cat/dog etc. It’s also a good option for a small dryer if the large ones are busy.


close up of a washing machine door and catch at the prague bloomest laundry
Shut the door catch firmly or you cannot choose the program

1) It says Bloomest opens from 8am but in my experience you should come here from 9am to be sure.
2) Try and have the correct money for what you want to do. The payment machine gives you credit but I cannot see any way that credit can be refunded so it’s use it or lose it.
3) When I tried the drying option it was not possible to select 24 minutes, it switched directly to 36 minutes so allow for that cost.
4) Pictured above is one of the washing machines with the grey metal handle. After filling with washing the handle must be closed so that it almost touches the glass in order for you to then choose the cycle.

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