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My name is Jason. Anybody is welcome to contact me for general advice about the city, local knowledge on hotels and attractions, specific advice about a place to stay, walking tours inquiries etc. There is a lot of information in the site (more than 600 pages/posts and 2 million words). If you cannot find what you want then fill in the blanks below and I’ll get back to you asap or email me direct on fun (at) I try and respond the same day or at the latest within 24 hours. Please read the sections below.

Tour Booking Failures

The main reasons for a booking failing to complete are 1) Timeout i.e. booking details were not completed within 10 minutes. 2) Rejected email i.e. check that your return email address is valid and/or let me know your phone number including country code. 3) Booking made over an unsecured wifi. If the booking has completed then you will have received a confirmation email from me via Turitop (ticket system). Feel free to try again, any double bookings are refunded or contact me with any questions.

Contact Failure

I will have responded to your enquiry. The message may be in your spam folder or the email may have been rejected so I recommend that you leave your phone number or WhatsApp number (including country code) and I’ll get back to you in the case the email failed.

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