Cafe No Stress

Cafe No Stress

Once upon a time there was a restaurant opposite the Spanish Synagogue called No Stress which was a kind of Asian/French fusion restaurant. The head chef Didine Benmissi who worked there for 18 years could never secure a supply of high quality French-style bread and so he started to make his own. A cafe/bakery followed in 2018 not far from the original restaurant which finished during the covid pandemic but Cafe No Stress with it’s associated bakery is still going strong.

exterior of the cafe no stress in prague
Cafe No Stress Exterior with external seating

Located in Vězenská just 50 metres away from the Spanish Synagogue, Cafe No Stress maintains a three-pronged business model in that it’s a bakery, a cafe and a bistro (their order, not mine). I’ll say straight off that this is not the cheapest in the area but as it is in competition with other similar places then I’d say it’s competitive including a quality premium and it has a loyal local following.

More Cafe or More Bistro?

Like Au Gourmand, my other favourite cafe in the area for French-style bakery, Cafe No Stress has a very high quality selection of pastries and cakes. But like another of my popular haunts in the area, Bakeshop Praha, Cafe No Stress also has a strong savoury choice. So it’s striking a balance of acting as a cafe in the mornings and mid-afternoon while it pivots to more of a bistro for lunch and early dinner.

The comparison with Au Gourmand continues as Cafe No Stress also has a drinks licence which it seems to restrict to serving bottled Pilsner Urquell, Prosecco and Gin&Tonic.

The No Stress Bakery

interior of the cafe no stress in prague
Cafe No Stress Interior – there’s seating around the corner as well

Cafe No Stress has rightly earned a reputation for bread/pastry prepared and cooked in the French style. The bakery part is continuously restocked up to lunchtime after which when it’s gone, it’s gone. You’ll find the No Stress bakery also has a stall at the Saturday market opposite the Dejvicka Metro station (the market is called Kulaťák).

Mon-Sat 8am-7pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

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