Kannastar Cannabis in Prague

Kannastar Cannabis in Prague

If you’ve read the Cannabis and CBD post you’ll understand how Cannabis products are derived from either Hemp or Marijuana, the fact that only hemp-based products are legal here and why, understanding variants and the various methods of ingestion in Prague. On this post I’ll tell you about a place where cannabis products can be legally bought and ingested.

two men with kannastar t-shirts walking through a field of hemp plants
Kannastar – a Safe and Legal way of trying cannabis products in Prague

This post is about why I go to a specific place for legal hemp-based cannabis products in Prague. It’s a place where you can enjoy a “coffee shop” experience i.e. to legally smoke/vape at the shop. You’ll find many Cannabis/CBD shops in the city selling a variety of products with a variety of marketing information. Over time I’ve learned to ask myself a question “How much do I trust this seller?” So after years of trying different places I’ve settled on a single company in Prague called Kannastar.

It won’t be a household name for many but their products have been “white-labelled” by others for some time now and were previously known only as manufacturers and wholesalers. Recently they opened a retail operation in the city (currently 2 locations) and I know their shop at Petrska the best.

Why Kannastar in Prague?

As I said earlier, it’s a question of trust. Kannastar are the manufacturers of their products so they know the R&D, ingredients and processes from start to finish. Personally I buy only the CBD and CBN products but I’m very familiar with their Cannabis offer of THC and HHC products. I don’t care if they export 131 products to 27 different countries. What’s important to me is that they appreciate that everybody is different and it takes care to match the person with the correct experience whatever it may be. Don’t be shy of your ignorance and be honest about your experience (these guys are experts). They’ll ask you about what you normally ingest, strains of cannabis, if it’s marijuana or hemp based, the effect you are looking for etc. So you don’t have to understand all the technical stuff like what’s the difference between HHC and HHC-P or THC and THC-P etc. They’ll just suggest options based on what you tell them but they’ll lean towards smoking and vaping as opposed to edibles.

Everything at Kannastar is hemp-based which means everything is legal to sell and ingest on the premesis. But remember, the moment you leave the shop note what you are carrying. In Czechia, CBD products are uncontrolled but if you are carrying any HHC or THC products then be aware that you may be in possession of a controlled substance (not a problem with vapes but definitely a problem with flowers) so keep it under 10 grams to be absolutely sure that you are at a level where you can only receive a police-issued “fine” for possession and not a “conviction”.

Where is Kannastar?

Below are the details for the shop at the Petrska 8 address which is less than a 10 minute walk from the Old Town Square or their website is at https://kannastar.com/.

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