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Prague Skip The Line Tips and Tricks

Prague Skip The Line Tips

I’ve been seeing “Prague Skip the Line” ads over the last few years and it’s obviously touting faster entry to places so lets get an understanding of what you should expect from an offer like that. There can be more than a 100% mark-up for that service so just check if you think it’s worth the extra money compared with alternatives that you can easily do for yourself. Here are a few REAL ways of actually reducing or even eliminating your attraction ticket/entry waiting time and saving you some money.

Prague Castle

Anybody that offers “Skip the Line” at the Castle has pre-bought the admission ticket (combined with a tour offer and normally its the cheaper Circuit B ticket) and it will be dated for your specified tour date. It’s valid for 2 calendar days but you still need to queue to get into the Castle. There are three main entries to the Castle complex, 1) the Main Front Entry, 2) the rear Powder Bridge entry and 3) the rear Old Castle Steps entry. Entries 1 and 2 will have the biggest queues but also the most number of security staff. Entry 3 has less of a queue but fewer security staff so you may end up waiting longer. In peak times expect up to a 30 minute waiting period. Not everyone realises there is a 4th entry during the peak summer season (April to October). If you take tram 22 or 23 towards entry 2 above then get off one tram stop earlier at “Kralovsky Letohradek” and cross the road. From here you go through the security entry, walk through the Imperial Gardens and enter the Castle complex just after the Powder Bridge security.

Once inside the Castle complex you can avoid the biggest queues to buy entry tickets by using the ticket office in the third courtyard instead of the one in the second courtyard by the Main Front Entry.

To avoid queues to the Castle historic buildings consider doing a guided tour with a Licenced Castle Guide (bookable in advance, see the Prague Castle Tours post for contact info) which can be as short as 60 minutes but you skip any queue for both ST Vitus Cathedral and the Old Royal Palace.

Prague Old Town Hall

There’s no queue to go into the Old Town Hall but if you want to go up to the Tower Viewing Gallery (or historic parts of the town hall) you’ll need to buy a ticket. This usually requires you to go up to the first or third floor ticket offices of the Old Town Hall. People that offer “Prague Skip the Line” here are basically buying your ticket in advance. You can do that on your own. When you get here just go to and buy your tickets online. This is an OFFICIAL Prague City Tourism portal, not a private provider. The tickets are valid for a month. Just note that this gets you past the ticket queue but you still may have to queue to get up to the Tower Gallery. You also get a discount from the regular CZK250 down to CZK210.

Prague Town Hall Pass

This offers a discounted way of seeing the Old Town Hall, Gothic Chapel, underground areas and includes TWO visits to the tower gallery so you’ll see the view day and night. It also includes the New Town Tower gallery and the Baroque Chapel. Read more on the Town Hall Pass post.

Jewish Museum

The “Prague Skip the Line” offer will be to buy a pre-dated ticket (tickets are valid for 7 days) to be delivered to you on a specified date whilst in Prague or as part of an organised tour. There are various locations for the Jewish Museum in Prague and the location with the biggest queue will be Pinkas Synagogue because it’s also the entry to the Old Jewish Cemetery so people are queuing to BUY tickets. So how to beat this queue? Go to Maisel Synagogue at Maiselova 10 which is only 250 metres away and buy your ticket there. Then when you go to Pinkas Synagogue you’ll walk past any queue, show your ticket to the first security guard, stay to the left of the Pinkas ticket office lane divider and go through the turnstile.

Jewish Museum – Audioguide

Also in Maiselova (Maiselova 15) you’ll find you can buy the Jewish Museum ticket (that’s the one that includes the Old/New Synagogue) but this time with the audioguide. It’s more expensive obviously (about CZK200 more) but again no queue. Details at


Tours run from 9-30am to 5-30pm (can be up to 6pm in peak season) and it’s a 50 minute tour. You can skip the line here by reserving tickets online. Just go to and on that page just “add to cart” on the date/time that you want. On the following page you choose the number of places and then pay. You’ll get a booking reservation number which you present to the ticket office before your tour.

Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo always has a queue especially in the morning but you can skip this with an e-Ticket. Go to the Zoo e-shop at and buy the required tickets. You’ll receive these as QR codes in an email. When you get to the zoo you’ll go straight to the turnstiles and use the associated QR code reader to get in. Tickets are valid for 6 months from purchase.

Prague Main Train Station

Not a Prague Attraction but if you’ve arrived at the station and you need a transport pass then you could be looking at a fairly lengthy queue at the DPP booths. If you want to pay by card then you’ll have to queue but if you’ve got cash then head over to the North (Severni) side of the station and you’ll find “Tourist Point” which sells passes for cash.

Things to Note

1) In general, “Skip the Line” offers means skipping the line for buying the ticket, not for entering the attraction.

2) If it relates to a restaurant then expect it will allow you to go to the front of the queue and wait for the next table but check carefully the Terms and Conditions because it may be date/time limited.

3) Prague Card users do NOT get any priority entry.

Hope that helps but if you get caught in a queue in the city please let me know and I’ll update this post if I find a faster way in.

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