Nostalgic Tram 23

Nostalgic Tram 23

There’s a tram that I use several times a week if I’m travelling from to/from the IP Pavlova area of the city or if I’m heading to Prague Castle. Without realising it I have been travelling on what the Prague Integrated Transport system says is their official “Nostalgic Tram 23”.

prague nostalgic tram 23
Prague’s official nostalgic tram 23

Since 1951 Prague has operated several types of Tatra trams. The T1 was first, the T2 was supposed to replace it but had problems. Finally in 1962 a tram came into passenger operation called the T3. It was built to be solid and reliable if not comfortable. It turned into the most popular style of tram for the next 50 years, long after the T1 had been retired. What I call the “shin-breaker” T3 stayed in operation in Prague until 2011 when the “bendy” trams took over.

The Nostalgic Tram 23 route has existed since March 25th 2017 to commemorate the 109th anniversary of the T3 designer, František Kardaus.

Where Can You Find the Nostalgic Tram 23?

Most tourists will be familiar with Tram 22 which travels through the centre of the city and is the most popular tram for tourists to get to the Prague Castle. Nostalgic Tram 23 covers a part of the Tram 22 route and is also an option for getting to the Castle. Although it’s the same design the T3 tram that you ride now has been upgraded with new safety specs, seating and route display. The T3 Tram 23 always operates as a single carriage so if you are buying a ticket on the tram head to the orange box in the centre of the carriage.

What’s the Difference between the Nostalgic Tram 23 and the Historic Trams?

1) The main difference is the price i.e. Nostalgic Tram 23 is a regular tram service so you can use regular tickets but it operates only between 0830 and 1800. The Historic Trams 41 and 42 are not part of the integrated transport so they have special (more expensive) tickets plus a shorter and less frequent service 1000-1800.
2) The Nostalgic Tram 23 is an end-to-end service whereas the Historic trams are loops.
3) The Historic trams were originally in operation from 1908 to 1942.

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