general signage picture for trdlo in prague showing four pieces

Trdlo – Chimney Cake

Trdlo It’s become very popular for tourists to try Trdlo or in the correct form “Trdelník” usually as a snack but compared with 15 years ago Trdlo comes with several different options so here I’ll describe what to expect and what to look out for at the point of sale. Origin of Trdlo Although it’s … Read More

Kralik or rabbit served with puree potatoes and onion sauce

Czech Food – Kralik

Kralik – Rabbit Tired of Chicken and Pork? Then look out for what we call Králík (it’s pronounced like kraa-leek) which is rabbit. It’s not a common item on regular menus but you’ll see it often on chalkboard menus indicating it’s a temporary item. Later in the year it becomes more available (hunting season) where … Read More

interior of the cafe no stress in prague

Cafe No Stress

Cafe No Stress Once upon a time there was a restaurant opposite the Spanish Synagogue called No Stress which was a kind of Asian/French fusion restaurant. The head chef Didine Benmissi who worked there for 18 years could never secure a supply of high quality French-style bread and so he started to make his own. … Read More

Luka Lu external summer garden with wooden floor and blue furniture

Luka Lu

Luka Lu Luka Lu has been here longer than me. I remember walking into this place and initially thinking that it was a Mexican restaurant because it was so colourful but one look at the menu and you’ll see it serves Balkans style food. It was started in this location by an Italian man and … Read More

pilsner urquell lager label made into an advertsing

Pilsner Urquell Lager

Pilsner Urquell – The source of Pilsner Pilsner Urquell is not just a beer, it’s a brand and a worldwide brand at that. Probably one of the most famous beers in the world and certainly the most well known in Czechia let’s explain some things that you may not have known and let’s see who … Read More

coil of pork sausage called vinna klobasa on a plate served with boiled potatoes

Czech Food – Vinna Klobasa

Czech Food – Vinna Klobasa Despite the name “Klobása” which you would expect to be red in colour, vinná klobása is a white sausage although it might acquire some colour once cooked. It has a very unique appearance on the plate. The basic ingredients of vinná klobása will be pork mince, bread soaked in milk, … Read More

sign saying cafe elektric and examples of food

Cafe Elektric

Cafe Elektric Cafe Elektric in the Old Town is like the old version of a cafe i.e. it’s really a restaurant. Cafe Elektric opened in 2018 and is located in the Old Town Kolowrat Palace, it’s owned by the Kolowrat family and takes its name from a 1920s film produced by the family. There are … Read More

signage for the alriso risotteria in prague old town

Alriso Risotteria

Alriso Alriso appears on this site as a restaurant recommendation for people that have a Gluten Free requirement because all food here is 100% Gluten Free but it’s also a nice place to visit in a very pleasant square. Read the name carefully and you’ll see that it is a Risotteria and NOT a Pizzeria. … Read More

prague restaurant jaffa garden courtyard arabic food

Restaurant Jaffa

Restaurant Jaffa I like middle-eastern and Mediterranean cuisine so I’m always on the lookout for places in the centre of town that may not always be visible on the main streets. I first added Jaffa to the site as an option for visitors who require Halal food but it’s equally as attractive to vegetarians, grilled … Read More

czech filled dumplings served on a bed of caramelised onions

Czech Filled Dumplings

Czech Filled Dumplings Very often Czechs will eat smoked pork or what we call Uzena. From the original joint, part will be cooked immediately and part will be frozen to use later. Filled dumplings are what we use it for. Strangely, if a dumpling is filled with meat it’s often just referred to as a … Read More