Prague New Year – Events, Celebrations and Fireworks

Prague New Year Celebrations

New Year in Prague has been popular since I’ve lived here. If you’re lucky there will be a bit of snow on the ground, blue skies, sunny during the day and clear at night for the fun. Below you’ll find tips on how to spend the evening, save a bit of money, travel after partying and generally enjoy yourself. I guarantee that if you are within sight of the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square or Charles Bridge you will remember the night for the rest of your life. Also be sure to check the Christmas page which gives information about the markets. Otherwise read on to find out what to expect.

new year in prague, letna fireworks

Prague New Year – Cruises and Fireworks

Prague New Year’s Eve cruises have similar content in that they are generally 5 hours and will include all the scenic spots on the river. You get a welcome drink, buffet food, snacks and music entertainment. You’ll be buying your own beers and there’ll be lots of opportunities to meet people. I’ve chosen a couple of options for you. If you want to be picked up from the hotel and you want live music then check the 5 hour Cruise with Pickup and Live Music and that’s in a 2-deck covered and heated boat or you’ve got a slightly cheaper option of 5 Hour Cruise with recorded music which may be a 2-deck covered or may have one deck heated and an open deck. If there are any fireworks it’s either from the boat or a local display. Not the official display which would be the next day.

prague epic club new year party

Club Event – Epic Prague

Get ready for an “Epic” night at one of Prague’s largest and most modern clubs with world class acoustics and state-of-the-art lighting. Resident DJs MANENE, RICHARD REYNOLDS, BON FINIX and PAULI GABRIELI will bang out the tunes into 2019. Pre-sale and at-the-door ticket sales. Excellent value VIP option.
Details on the Epic Prague New Year Event Page

prague one club new year party 2019-20

Club Event – One Club

Celebrate NYE in style at One Club Prague. One Club, rated as one of the best clubs in Prague transforms into a Hollywood setting. International DJs, Live Singer and comfortable table booths with VIP service. Located only 200 metres from either Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square so you can enjoy the celebrations.
Details on the Oneclubprague Event Page

prague ace club new years eve graphic

Club Event – Ace Club

Ace Club, one of the newest clubs in the city, is offering their R&B New Year’s Eve Party. Located right in the middle between the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square so you’re just seconds from the fireworks celebrations. Dance through the night with some of the best R&B DJs and DJanes.
Details on the Ace Club New Years Eve Event Page

prague loca bar new years eve 2019 party poster

Club Event – Loca Bar and Lounge

Enjoy your NYE with drinks and shisha right next to the Vltava river just 100 metres from the Charles Bridge. Loca Bar & Lounge will have DJs “Buldog” and “Hlava”, finalists in the recent Redbull Music 3Style event, playing dance music through the night. Award winning mixologists are ready to prepare your perfect cocktail. Party til late (in the morning).
Details on the Loca Bar New Year Event Page

Mozart Galas

The theme is the same i.e. stunning venue, welcome drink, a SIX course meal throughout the evening interspersed with in-costume entertainment of Mozart’s most famous pieces. The Boccaccio Ballroom (pictured) just nicks it for me but you’ve also got the Municipal House event as well so take a the New Year’s Eve Boccaccio Gala or the New Year’s Eve Municipal House Gala.

people celebrating at a new year party

New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl

You’ll be joining a group to start off with an hour of unlimited drinking at your first stop followed by free entry (skip the line if there’s a queue) at other bars. Note at the other bars you’ll have a welcome drink but you buy your own after that. Good fun and games included. My old haunt Chapeau Rouge and the iconic Batalion are just two of the places you visit so check out the New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl.

Prague New Year Accommodation

prague airbnb bedroom detail

If you are looking for an apartment for your New Year break then try my Recommended AirBnB Host Listing for a nice selection of highly rated and centrally located places. The earlier you book then the greater the chance you be able to stay centrally. All hotels have New Year in Prague as peak/high season with minimum stays of 3 nights usually enforced. Some years I’ve known some great last minute offers for hotels in the Old Town and Mala Strana but generally by the end of November only high-end central hotels and outer-city hotels will be available. As usual my advice is to use regular hotel search engines and then use my listings to see if its a hotel you might like to stay at. Prague areas 1, 2 and 3 are walking distance. Parts of Prague 4, 5, 6 and 8 can also be walked in less than 30 minutes. Pay particular attention to the location of the hotel and whether it is close to a stop on the night tram routes. This will give you options later on.

Eating and Drinking

Restaurants will be taking bookings for New Year in Prague from October onwards. Basically you have to wait until the “set menu” comes out and you can see how much it will cost. These are generally “whole evening” events including entertainment so if you are going to lock yourself into a restaurant check very carefully what type of entertainment will be on i.e. I don’t mind a few hours of Jazz but inflict local Czech folk music on me at your peril. Most bars will be offering free entry or else will charge an entry fee with a free drink. Even this will only be @50Kc. Some restaurants (Mala Strana comes to mind) will be hiking service charges so be aware before you leave a tip that 20% of your bill may have been service. Many bars will be open for business and I normally pick a small bar that does food straight off a regular menu and eat earlier in the evening. If you are planning on spraying/drinking champagne etc then the shops sell something called “Sekt” which is sparkling wine but, buy it earlier in the day as it rockets off the shelf by early evening. For people looking to combine dining with dancing then look at Kogo on Wenceslas Square and the associated Duplex club.

Restaurants with a view

Restaurants with riverside settings like Kampa Park and Hergetova Cihelna (my favourite for an inside seat) can expect to be bombarded with rockets but both clear the tables close to the windows later in the evening so people can watch in safety. The moored Ristorante Marina boat has a great location on the Old Town side of the river and Hanavsky Pavilon overlooks the whole area. Manu, on Childrens Island, is a bit further away and you’ll have to go outside to see the fireworks but still it’s a nice spot. My old haunt is now the “U Karlovu Mostu” hotel restaurant which has a garden gate that they open so people can go to the riverside on the Kampa side.

Prague New Year – Having fun

Two types of people here to celebrate New Year in Prague. First are the bar hoppers i.e. people happy to wander around catching a drink in different places largely to warm up. The second group are what I call the “campers” who pick one place and stay there until 2359 before venturing out. If you have gone to a club then you’ll have received a coloured band or indelible ink stamp that will get you back into the club after you’ve had enough outside. Not many clubs admit new guests (especially drunk guys) after New Year has struck. Usual rules apply in that couples and single/groups of women will get in anywhere. Men can get in if accompanying a girl etc or smaller groups of men should get into the clubs earlier in the evening i.e. no later than 2230. All tabaks and even chemists sell something called “Unterberg” which comes in little bottles and is what we would call in England “the hair of the dog” i.e. intense alcohol to combat the hangover.

Prague New Year Fireworks – UNOFFICIAL

The unofficial Prague New Year firework display starts earlier in the evening depending on when people get drunk first and decide to let off fireworks. Most of it kicks off at 2359 and continues for 10 minutes or so. The most popular areas are the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. Be warned that these are not safe places for the duration of the evening. Any tour boat crazy enough to come within range of Charles Bridge will receive incoming fire. The wall of the Kampa park (the grassed area) provides a great place to see the fireworks up close but not close enough to be a danger. Likewise, pick a spot on the Manesuv Most (Manes Bridge) which links the Old Town (Rudolfinum) with Mala Strana. Again great but, safe views.

prague river vltava new year fireworks

The Official Fireworks Display

NOTE: For 2019/20 they did not have a firework display, instead they had a building projection display at the top of Wenceslas Square.
The first day of the New Year in Prague is normally a quiet time. If it goes ahead, then at 6pm there will be the official Prague New Year firework display. Mostly they use Letna Park as the launching site so for me the best place to stand is 1) on Letna Park or 2) on the riverside adjacent to the Hotel Intercontinental either up on the road on on the riverside quay where you’ll get uninterrupted views. Vitkov Hill has also been used as a launching area in the past (but only in 2015 then they went back to Letna). If you are driving in to see the Prague New Year official fireworks display then the closest two car parks are at the Rudolfinum and the Palladium shopping centre.

Prague New Year – Getting home

Yes the party has finished and it crosses your mind that you are tired and cold and want to sleep. Most legitimate taxis will be pre-booked. Anything available on the street should be avoided unless you are prepared to pay through the nose. Metro travel will be free between 0000 and 0100 when the system shuts down. After 0100 the night tram routes are the only public transport available in Prague. Depending on the line services range between every 15-30 minutes and even if it doesn’t get you all the way home it’ll get you most of the way if you picked your hotel carefully. Or if all else fails then make sure you have enough battery in your phone and the address of your hotel so Google Maps can show you the way.