pekarstvi signage

Pekarstvi – Bakery

Pekarstvi – Bakery In Prague you’ll find Pekařství all over the city. Some still adhere to their original role of selling bread. Many offer additional services but most of them will be closed by 6pm so this is very much a place you’d stop for a simple breakfast or something to take away for lunch. … Read More

graphic on the front of a bottle of R. Jelinek slivovice or plum brandy

Slivovice – Plum Brandy

Food and Drink – Slivovice – Plum Brandy Slivovice sounds like “sliv-voh-vit-ser” and you will find it in every bar in the city. Pretty much anybody who has visited Prague will have at least tried it and for those of us that live here it’s an unavoidable fact of life that during celebrations we have … Read More

interior classical decoration of the prague cafe savoy

Cafe Savoy

Prague Cafes – Cafe Savoy As you approach Cafe Savoy in Prague you should pay attention to the extra words on the main signage which say “Restaurant – Vinotheque – Patisserie” so this is going to be a lot more than your regular coffee and cake stop. Note: This place has nothing to do with … Read More

one kilo beef steak challenge with restaurant logo in prague

1 Kilo Beef Steak Challenge

One Kilo Beef Steak Challenge For my readers who still work with Imperial measurements this is 2.2 Pounds or the same weight as a regular bag of sugar. Are you hungry enough or do you have the capacity for having a go at this? Then head on down to Restaurant Mustek. I know this more … Read More

flight of beer on a tray on a wooden table in prague

Fat Cat – Flight of Beer

Fat Cat – Flight of Beer Experience I’ve had many flights of beer or what we call a “Beer Degustation” here but on a very warm and stormy July day I was passing the Fat Cat restaurant in the Old Town and the girls were wiping down the tables after a rain shower. So there … Read More

dhaba beas vegetarian restaurant signage in prague

Restaurants – Dhaba Beas

Restaurants – Dhaba Beas Yes, that is the correct spelling. Welcome to a healthy kind of fast food Indian-style. I’ve frequented several of Dhaba Beas branches in Prague (at the time of writing they had 19 locations) and they’ve gone from relatively obscure locations to become a mainstay of shopping centre food floors. It’s a … Read More

Czech Pork Knuckle served on a plate

Czech Food – Pork Knuckle

Czech Food – Pork Knuckle, a kilo of joy Goulash is the number one most popular Czech Food but Pork Knuckle or what we call Koleno is a close runner-up. To be accurate it’s always referred to as Roast Pork Knuckle or “pečené koleno”. It’s a beast and you should not even consider taking this … Read More

ovocny svetozor sign

Cafe Ovocny Svetozor

Cafe Ovocný Světozor Back in the 1970s when hardline Communism was the name of the game and travel outside the country was almost unheard of one company decided to name itself with the apparently grandiose title of Ovocný Lahůdek Světozor. Světozor means “world view” so the company name translated as “a world view of fruit … Read More

prague bistro strecha interior with wood floor and chairs and tiled bar

Bistro Strecha

Bistro Strecha, good food and a great cause Strecha means “roof” and the first thing you’ll notice here is that it’s on the ground floor so if the name doesn’t relate to it’s location then maybe it’s to remind people that they are aiming high or that they have a safe place over their heads. … Read More

signage in czech that says they sell the czech hot dog called parek.

Czech Food – Parek

Czech Hot Dog – Parek I did a general post about Prague Hot Dogs but I thought I’d write a special one just for the Párek (in Czech it sounds like Pah-reck). The big difference is that most sausages are grilled over a fire or on a hot plate but Párek is either boiled or … Read More