Prague World War Two Walking Tour

Prague World War Two Walking Tour

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prague world war two memorial at the main train station
A World War Two Memorial

Duration: 2 Hours
Meeting Point: Starts at the Main Train Station and ends on the Old Town Square
Guide: That’s Me! Jason, English and lived here since 1996
Group Size: Maximum 6 places (unless a private tour has been arranged)
Difficulty: Easy Pace

Lets spend a couple of hours on a chronological tour through World War Two as it affected Prague. Remember that the war here was NOT defined by extensive aerial bombing or large ground battles. It’s a story of characters, some good and some bad, that combine into a story line stretching from the 13th Century all the way to 1947.

prague stumble stones with photos
Stumble Stones

What You’ll See and Learn About

  • The Sudetenland, its purpose and how it was used by Hitler
  • Pre WW2 Politics in both Czech and Germany
  • Karl Herman Frank and his impact
  • Nicholas Winton and his efforts to save Czech children
  • The SS structure leading up to 1939 and Prague Gestapo Headquarters
  • The German Invasion
  • Reinhard Heydrich, the Butcher of Prague
  • The end of the Czech resistance
  • Stumble Stones
  • The life of a Jewish person 1938-1942
  • Frontline and Occupation maps
  • Prague Uprising Memorials
  • Then and Now photos
  • The tour is TWO HOURS. We’ll cover lots of peripheral WW2 history but only as it affects Prague. You’ll have the opportunity to ask whatever questions you want and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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