Prague In April

Prague in April

Prague in April

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Handling the Weather and What to Wear

prague-weather-chartPrague in April is getting warmer but even wetter. You won’t need cold weather gear but allow for a light sweatshirt/jumper and waterproof jacket. Boots are still recommended but if it’s warm then trainers will cope with walking in the city. There’s still a night frost so expect cold mornings. The braver people will begin wearing shorts (usually combined with boots and a rucksack) but in general it’s perfect conditions for jeans and a long shirt. An umbrella is an option but only to handle light rain. Thunderstorms would not be expected in April.

Eating and Drinking

Check my top six Czech food picks for an introduction to the year-round classic meals and for more info look at the Czech food page. April is the month when outdoor eating begins. You’ll find that as well as the semi-permanent space-heated places around the main squares, all the large umbrellas will be coming out. Little Square close to the Old Town Square will be completely converted to outside eating after the Easter Market has finished. My own favourite “outside eating” area is Bethlehem Square. Farmers Markets begin again in April with different locations on different days. My own favourite is Jiriho z Podebrad in Vinohrady but by far the most well known is Naplavka down on the riverside. Prague in April can also bring the first small food festivals of the year so watch out for those which will be advertised.


Prague in April can also contain Easter. If so then both the Good Friday and Easter Monday are National Holidays. Good Friday has only recently become a national holiday (previously it was only a school holiday) but the Monday has always been considered as the official State holiday so institutions will be closed on that day.

Prague’s Jewish Quarter sights closed on 1st, 2nd, 7th, and 8th days of Passover

Festivals and Things to Do

Fun Activities All Year Round

Fun Activities All Year Round

Check the What’s On page for various links or the Culture page for classical concerts, opera and black light theatre. I work with a local company that offers a variety of fun things to do at various locations in and around the city. Indoor and outdoor activities, simulators, shooting, skydiving, tanks, jets/balloon flights and lots more. Check out the Fun Activities in Prague.

A Guided Walking Tour For Less than the Price of a T-Shirt

You think guided tour – too expensive! or you don’t want to be in a big group or struggle understanding the guide. No problem there as for less than the price of a T-Shirt you can do a tour with me in Native English and it’s limited to 6 people. Entertaining, highly rated tours, 2.5 hours, great value and a great experience. If you are used to taking guided tours or even if you want to try it for the first time, you’ll enjoy it and you’ll remember it long after you’ve left the city. Tips on eating and drinking, saving money, avoiding queues and lesser known places to visit. All included.
Take a look at the Old Town and Jewish Quarter Hidden Secrets or the Prague City Walking Tour.

Prague in April officially sees the winter season ended and the summer opening times begin. All the landscaped parks and gardens will be opening up for the season. There’ll be more boat trip options on the river. Walking tours and food tours really get going.

April sees the Wallenstein Palace and Garden reopen to the public. Check opening times and what’s to see.

Permanent Exhibition. Jewish Museum. Don’t forget that this is a collection of different places to explore including the Old Cemetery, synagogues and the Robert Guttmann gallery (nice art collection there this month called My cup of Kafka). Details, ticket options and discounted entry options on the Jewish Museum post.

Permanent Exhibition. Langweils Model at the Prague City Museum. There’s other stuff there as well but I recommend a trip here on any cold day.

Permanent Exhibition. Karel Zeman Museum. Remember the days before CGI and digital film effects. Well Karel Zeman blazed that path. Great place for adults and kids to see how basic special effects were achieved in the early 20th Century.

Permanent Exhibition. Invisible. It’s possibly the strangest 90 minutes you’ll ever spend and much of it in total darkness. Welcome to the world of the blind and this is definitely something that will make you reassess your life. book online to find a tour in your language.

Whole month. The Jazzboat will be up and running by this time. Contemporary jazz and scenic cruise combined (option to eat as well). Details on the Jazzboat page.

Whole month. The interactive and multimedia Hieronymous Bosch (artist) event at the Holesovice Exhibition Grounds. English language version of the webpage mentions Russia but it’s definitely here.

Whole month. April can see some quite warm sunny weather so if you get lucky and you want to kick off your shoes to enjoy a cocktail on the beach then head to the Zlute Lazne Recreational area as there’s no charge to enter until May 1st. You just pay for food, drink and sports equipment hire if you want it.

Whole Month (Saturdays). Naplavka riverside market (farmers market and foodie stop) is worth a visit but it’s only open on Saturday as is the “A-void” barge with the flea market. The “other” naplavka i.e. Smichovska Naplavka is currently closed for renovation and they’ll be using the Staropramen Brewery for Saturday food festivals.

April 1st to 15th is the last two weeks of the St Matthews funfair in the Holesovice Exhibition grounds. Great on a sunny day with rides running from 1pm until 9pm (hour later at the weekend). Map/address and attraction details at (in Czech but if gives you an idea what to expect).

April 16th. One-off “spiritual music” concert at the Church of Our Lady Under the Chain in Mala Strana. I mention it here because it’s pretty rare to get access to this church so if you are in the area at 5pm stop by, it’s free (donations accepted).

April 30th is Witches Night. Read more about that festival on the Witches Night page. The main Prague event starts with a procession from the Church of ST Nicholas in the Lesser Town followed by a bonfire in Kampa Park @8pm. If you catch good weather and you want to make an afternoon of it with kids etc then take a look at the Zlute Lazne page. If you are visiting Prague in April then dress for a cool evening.

Prague in April can be wet so if you get a rainy day why not spend a couple of hours at the Prague City Museum and look at Langweils Model. A Prague cityscape from 1834 showing what Prague looked like at that time. The only city-wide model that still shows what the Jewish Ghetto looked like.

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