Prague In February

Prague in February

Prague in February

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Handling the Weather and What to Wear

prague-weather-chartPrague in February is historically the coldest time of the year and it’s not uncommon to get periods of minus 10 degrees Celsius in the city. As with January, the clothing advice is to have thermal leggings available to you (they don’t take up much room in the bag and will significantly prevent cold legs and feet) or at a minimum, thermal socks. Gloves and a hat are useful for combating wind-chill and sunglasses will help if snow is blowing around. The ground will be frozen so thick-soled boots are advised and take small steps to avoid slipping either on ice or grit. If it’s windy then consider using lip balm to stop cracked lips.

Eating and Drinking

Visiting Prague in February you’ll find the Christmas Markets will have gone by now so there are fewer places on the squares to buy hot drinks except in craft markets. Check the Prague Markets and Hot Street Food post for what to expect and tips. Take a look at the Pay by Weight post to understand how that works here. There’s my Six Hot Alcoholic Drinks post to keep you warm and there’s also my Why we don’t eat Zebra post. Restaurants will be serving thick Czech-style potato soup so look out for that. Check my top six Czech food picks for an introduction to the year-round classic meals and for more info look at the Czech food page.


There are no state holidays in February

Festivals and Things to Do

Fun Activities All Year Round

Fun Activities All Year Round

Check the What’s On page for various links or the Culture page for classical concerts, opera and black light theatre. I work with a local company that offers a variety of fun things to do at various locations in and around the city. Indoor and outdoor activities, simulators, shooting, skydiving, tanks, jets/balloon flights and lots more. Check out the Fun Activities in Prague.

Permanent Exhibition. Langweils Model at the Prague City Museum. There’s other stuff there as well but I recommend a trip here on any cold day.

Permanent Exhibition. Karel Zeman Museum. Remember the days before CGI and digital film effects. Well Karel Zeman blazed that path. Great place for adults and kids to see how basic special effects were achieved in the early 20th Century.

Permanent Exhibition. Invisible. It’s possibly the strangest 90 minutes you’ll ever spend and much of it in total darkness. Welcome to the world of the blind and this is definitely something that will make you reassess your life. book online to find a tour in your language.

Whole month. Ice Skating is in operation at the base of the TV tower (Tower Park). Including skate rental it’s about CZK150 for two hours. Cafe/Bar on-site.

Whole month. Ice Skating at the Franciscan playground by the riverside about 200 metres from the Hotel Intercontinental. . It’s CZK50 to hire skates and a deposit of CZK500. If you look at the website it’s the text “bruslení pro veřejnost” which means skating for the public. If you want the cafe then best choose Tower Park above.

February 21st-22nd. From 10am the New Town Hall courtyard is having a craft day. 30 different craft trades to see and try. Most free but some require a payment just for the material. for address/map

February 24th. One day event at 1.30pm. English language tour of the National Theatre run by Prague City Tourism. You can still buy online at or buy tickets from the official tourist information centres. (last time I looked there were 30 tickets left. CZK250).

February 24th from 5pm Ginfest will be at the Vinohradska Pavilon (old covered market). You can buy tickets in advance or pay CZK300 at the door. Reduced prices at the bars and lots of brands to try. Location details at

February 24th is the opening day of the St Matthews funfair in the Holesovice Exhibition grounds. Great on a sunny day with rides running from 1pm until 9pm (hour later at the weekend). Map/address and attraction details at (in Czech but if gives you an idea what to expect)

Coming to Prague in February, you may find the odd multi-site food festival in progress but in general it’s limited to internal events. During the day you have many museums, galleries and internal attractions to visit. Check my Jewish Museum page, my Museums page and my National Gallery page for additional info. In the evening you’ll find the National sport of Ice Hockey will be played so if you can’t make it to a game then at least you can watch it on TV. If you are going to Prague Nightlife venues and coming and going in “club wear” then make sure you have a taxi waiting when you go outside. My No Stress Guide to Using Prague Taxis will help you avoid any issues.

There are several places of varying quality that offer wellness services from massages to saunas etc. Most of the Thai massage places do not require a reservation and can get you off a cold street for 15-30 minutes. Check the Wellness page to see options.

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