Prague In July

Prague in July

Prague in July

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Handling the Weather and What to Wear

prague-weather-chartIt’s pretty similar to June in that there’ll be many hot days followed by evening storms. There’s really nothing you can wear to offset the storms so just concentrate on what to wear when the storm has passed. So typically that’s what you will normally wear on a warm sunny day. A light windproof rain jacket will substitute nicely for bulkier clothing as you won’t need it very often. Bring sun cream for skin protection. Unless you are out before 7am then expect warm mornings from the start and note the daily forecast. The centre of Prague can be 2 degrees above the forecast high.

Eating and Drinking

A heavy lunch will leave you feeling like you need a siesta. Check my Top Czech Food Picks. Normally I recommend eating Czech food for lunch and a lighter meal in the evening but not for Prague in July or August. I reverse it as I know that walking around in hot conditions after a big meal is not good for you. If you have Czech food in the evening then try and finish eating by 7pm as you’ll need some digestion time before bed. And of course after all that walking you’ll appreciate a drink so find out what to expect from a Czech Beer. I also make my own restaurant recommendations.

Avoid packets of condiments in baskets on tables in the direct sun, especially mayonnaise.

Keep hydrated by sipping at a bottle of water and add a little extra salt to your meals on sunny days to replenish what you are losing as you sweat (helps to prevent headaches caused by dehydration).

Cold soups and consommes are usually replacing the thicker winter soups.

Iced tea/coffee and Frapes will be more popular especially in the afternoons after 4pm when Czechs will be taking a cake break.


July 5th State Holiday of ST Cyril and ST Methodius
July 6th State Holiday of Jan Hus

Festivals and Things to Do

Check the What’s On page for various links or the Culture page for classical concerts, opera and black light theatre.

Prague in July is the most popular month of the Summer outdoor cinema season mainly because the kids have now started their holidays. There are a few fixed locations but my advice is to Google for “Letni Kino Prague” to find both fixed and pop-up events.

Bohemia Jazzfest is a two day free event in the early part of July and it’s usually a weekday event. Performances are in the evening on the Old Town Square.

Prague Proms usually extends at least to the first week of July but you’ll need to buy tickets for specific performances. Be careful if ordering in advance as it may stipulate ticket collection in Prague within a week of ordering. Check the Prague Proms page.

Schools are out for summer so ironically there’ll be less people in the museums and galleries due to a lack of school trips.

July 6th marks the death of Jan Hus in 1415 our famous Catholic Reformer. As well as memorial events on the Old Town Square, if it’s a sunny afternoon make sure you get to Bethlehem Square (Betlemské Náměsti) between 1pm and 3pm to see the message coming from the sky.

Here with older kids? Then maybe they’d like to skip the history and spend an afternoon at the beach. Details on the Zlute Lazne page.

Prague in July sees the start of the mushroom picking season. Just make sure you know what you are doing by reading the Mushroom Picking page.

See a selection of River Tours or check the Jazz Boat page.

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