Cafe Elektric

Cafe Elektric

Cafe Elektric in the Old Town is like the old version of a cafe i.e. it’s really a restaurant. Cafe Elektric opened in 2018 and is located in the Old Town Kolowrat Palace, it’s owned by the Kolowrat family and takes its name from a 1920s film produced by the family.

sign saying cafe elektric and examples of food
Cafe Elektric – Old Town – Kolowrat Palace

There are two specific parts to this place. All year-round the cellar part of Cafe Elektric is open (down the stairs on the far left of the building entry – no lift). The restaurant is laid out over two open-plan parts of the cellar.

cellar cafe called cafe elektric in prague with tables and chairs
Cafe Elektric internal seating

The other part is outside in the courtyard garden but this is open only April to October. Still, it’s my preferred option to sit outside so when you first enter the building just keep walking and go through the glass door. Outside it’s mostly tables for two and four so if you want a bigger table either go downstairs or make a reservation for outside.

cafe elektric external courtyard with tables, chairs and trees
Cafe Elektric external courtyard April to October

What’s on the Menu at Cafe Elektric?

It’s not the biggest or cheapest menu but it has a good choice of dishes and I like many of them. It has options for Vegans and Vegetarians plus it marks any dishes that contain Gluten. That makes Cafe Elektric an option for those on a Gluten Free diet who are with people that can eat anything. I like the red curry here but you can get a nice cheeseburger or gnocchi. Check the menu board before you go in. Try a “Buddha Bowl” as a shared starter with a couple of main meals and you’re set.

Cafe Elektric Buddha Bowl – Great as a starter for two

Monday to Friday Cafe Elektric has a regular “weekly” menu with breakfasts, hot starters, mains, specials (including a business lunch option 1100-1500) and desserts. At the weekend they switch to a brunch menu which has more emphasis on the breakfast part and less emphasis on the mains. What I do like is that you can add extras to your meal. This choice will vary depending on the menu i.e. the brunch menu has more breakfast extras like sausage, bacon and poached egg that you won’t find on the weekly menu.

It’s a place where Czechs and tourists will mix and it’s just a two minute walk from the Old Town Square.

Website: https://www.cafe-elektric.net/

Address: Ovocny Trh 6

Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/UUgvnLgj2brmHBH47

Weird Stuff

If you use the toilets then the hall has a set of locked double-doors on one side. These doors lead to an underground passage which passes under the street and accesses the basement of the adjacent Estates Theatre. Years ago when Cafe Elektric was called the Swan Bar you’d see actors doing performances on the screen showing what’s happening in the theatre and 60 seconds later they are next to you in the bar having a smoke (before 2017) and a quick drink waiting for their “cue” to get back on stage.

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