Prague Public Transport Ticket Machine – Touch Screen

Prague Public Transport Ticket Machines With Touch Screen

The older Mechanical ticket machines are gradually being replaced by touch screen options which I’ll describe below. There’s also a Video link below. Here’s a picture of what the machines look like. The three big ones give you the regular ticket which you use whenever you want. The smaller one on the left is the “pre-validated” option.

group of 4 prague touch screen ticket machines

Touch-Screen Pre-Validated Ticket

An example of this type of machine is shown here. It comes in different sizes but the screen is the same. You’ll need a contactless bank/credit card. First touch the flag to change to the desired language. Then touch the screen for the desired ticket (Blue means regular adult price, Green is for kids who have had their 6th birthday but are not yet 15) i.e. 30 minute ticket, 90 minute ticket (actually in the centre of Prague it’s valid for 60 minutes) or 24 Hour Pass. You pay using your contactless card. A plain text ticket is generated and it’s already pre-validated so you don’t need to stamp it in any other machine but your time starts now. This is the type of machine you also find on trams and some city buses.

prague pre-validated public transport ticket machine

Touch-Screen Non-Validated Ticket

This is almost always going to be found at Metro stations, Train Stations and other major transport hubs. You’ll need a bank/credit card which is either contactless or has “Chip and PIN”. Alternatively you can use coins but currently NOT notes. I’ll walk you through the process.

VIDEO: Everything explained below you can now watch on the How To Use A Prague Public Transport Touch-Screen Ticket Machine Video which walks you through the process of buying tickets using cash.

If the terminal has not been used for a minute or so then it will appear blank. Touch the screen and the top-level menu appears. It’s defauled to Czech Language so touch the Union Jack top-right to switch to English and you’ll have the screen below. In this guide we’ll cover buying tickets so touch the “Buy Tickets” option.

prague touch screen ticket machine change language

Now you’ll choose your ticket/pass (it defaults to full price, you only need “half” price if you are buying tickets for kids aged 14 or under). You should have already made the decision about how you want to use the public transport so let’s assume that you are an adult and you just want to make a journey that will take less than 30 minutes which means a full priced CZK24 ticket. So press that option.

prague touch screen ticket machine select fare

Now you decide how many you want. It defaults to 1 but if you want more i.e. 6 then press the + until you get the required amount.

prague touch screen ticket machine select number of tickets

When you’re ready you decide how you want to pay. That’s on the right side of the screen (green boxes) shown below. Press the option for how you want to pay.

prague touch screen ticket machine payment options

The coin slot is at the top of the machine. If you pay by card then that’s pictured below i.e. Contactless on the right or insert the card on the left and enter the PIN.

prague touch screen ticket machine card keypad

The machine may ask if you want a receipt. If not, there is a delay of a few seconds and the required tickets are then printed and dropped into the tray.

Apply the same procedure as above if you want passes instead of tickets.

You must then Validate this type of pass/ticket by stamping in the yellow box BEFORE entering the station/metro/tram.