Prague In June

Prague in June

Prague in June

Updated: Nov 13, 2017 @ 10:29 am

Handling the Weather and What to Wear

prague-weather-chartPrague in June sees the hottest weather of the year so far and brings the associated storms. There’s really nothing you can wear to offset the storms so just concentrate on what to wear when the storm has passed. So typically that’s what you will normally wear on a warm sunny day. A light windproof rain jacket will substitute nicely for bulkier clothing as you won’t need it very often. Bring sun cream for skin protection and add a little extra salt to your meals on sunny days. You’ll probably wearing shorts most of the day but you might want a long shirt or the light jacket first thing in the morning. It’s hayfever time in Czech so bring your antihistamine with you.

Eating and Drinking

It could be wet or it could be warm so my advice is to plan some meals in scenic locations if the weather turns against you. I list options on the scenic restaurants page or there’s a boat called Ristorante Marina docked at Manes Bridge by the Rudolfinum which gives great views of the river, castle and Charles Bridge. Take a look at either my Top Czech Food Picks or for a more comprehensive guide, the Czech Food page. Don’t fancy restaurants? then check the Hot Street Food guide.

Keep hydrated by sipping at a bottle of water and add a little extra salt to your meals on sunny days to replenish what you are losing as you sweat (helps to prevent headaches caused by dehydration).

The cold Spanish soup called Gazpacho makes it’s first appearance of the year.

Trdlo filled with ice-cream will be more popular from June onwards though it does work out more expensive for the actual ice-cream.


There are no State holidays in June

Festivals and Things to Do

Check the What’s On page for various links or the Culture page for classical concerts, opera and black light theatre.

End of the Prague Spring Music Festival which should finish @June 6th. Details on the Music Festival page.

Den Kozel is a one-day beer and music festival about 15Km south of Prague (accessible by train) on the second Saturday in June. Details on the Den Kozel page.

United Islands of Prague is a free-to-enter music festival largely located on the riverside and the islands upriver from the Charles Bridge. It’s a 3-day event. Read more on the United Islands page.

Metronomefest is a paid-entry music festival (book tickets early for discounts) and draws top names. Its a 2-day event. Read more about Metronomefest.

Prague Proms is a two week event spanning June and July. It’s part classical and part jazz depending on the performer and venue. Watch out as some performances are only in Czech. Read more on the Prague Proms page.

Childrens Day is not a holiday but usually on the first Saturday in June there will be celebrations across Prague. Definitely check the Zlute Lazne page to see if they have something planned.

June 10th is a commemoration day. After the death of the World War II Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich on June 4th following the assassination attempt on May 28th the Nazi’s exacted retribution by destroying two Czech villages. Read about one of them, the National Memorial at Lidice which was obliterated on June 10th.

Rose Celebration (Cesky Krumlov) is a 3 day event in mid-June.

Mattoni Koktejl (Old Town Square) is a 2 day free music event on the Old Town Square.

Tanec Praha (Dance and Movement) usually clips the end of May and runs throughout June with a dance festival and training workshops.

The Shakespeare Festival begins in June and stretches to September. Performances in Prague are usually at Prague Castle and are in Czech but so long as you know the play you’ll be able to follow it.

Mystic Skate Cup is a 3 day event usually late June or early July located on Stvanice Island on the river Vltava opposite the Hilton hotel. Professional standard with concerts and DJ’s during the evening.

Church Night is usually around June 9th give or take a day or two. Many of Prague’s churches will be open at night (up to midnight) for services and music. The website is and if you use the search function you have to have the Czech name of the church.

You’ll need to buy tickets online to go to events at the Prague Spring Music Festival, Metronomefest (except club Thursday) and the Prague Proms. United Islands of Prague and Den Kozel are free to enter. Most of the “Band” music is towards the end of the month but always check Shooters Island to see if anything is going on there. June sees the river really burst into life with places to go down by the riverside. It also becomes popular to rent a peddalo and sail around Shooters Island. The longest day is June 21st.

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