Smichovska Naplavka The Other Naplavka

Smichovska Naplavka – The Other Naplavka

If you are coming to Prague and you’ve done a bit of research into things to do on a Saturday then “Naplavka” is probably on your list but be careful because there’s more than one. Let me just point out that Naplavka basically means “riverside” and the Czechs call it a “nábreží”. Some of these extend down to the riverside itself, others do not.

The most well-known and busiest is the Naplavka Saturday Farmers Market which is also called Rašínovo nábreží (you can actually see that on the other side of the river in the picture above). This page is about the one called Horejší nábreží which is also known as Smichovska Naplavka. If you are looking for food festival options or more information about where the farmers markets are and when they open etc then go to the Food Festivals post.

smichovska naplavka riverside view in the evening
Looking back in the direction of the Castle

What’s to See and Do?

Smichovska Naplavka is strongly associated with two things, a private beach and food festivals. At least once or twice a month and more in the summer you’ll find a specialised food festivals going on here usually running on Saturdays. I regularly list these events in the “Prague by month” posts.

How to Get To Smichovska Naplavka?

prague smichovska naplavka map

Your Naplavka decision usually starts at Palackého námesti. By public transport take the yellow metro line and at “Karlovo námesti” exit the station in the direction of Palackého námesti. If you want the closest Naplavka i.e. the Naplavka Farmers Market then you just cross the road and go down onto the riverside. If you want the Smichovska Naplavka then you go across the bridge and at the end go down onto the riverside to your left. Walk upriver along the quayside past the Admiral Botel and if there is an event on you’ll find it along here.

Or if you are already on that side of the river then get off at the Andel tram/metro stop and take any road heading towards the river.

If you are attending a food festival then I’ve put the link below in the Photo Credits but note that the page is currently Czech-only so use Google Translator to get an idea of what’s on.

Photo Credit: http://foodevent.cz/nase-festivaly/

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