Bohemian Garnet in Prague – With Discount

Bohemian Garnet – The Czech Ruby

Were you born in January or know somebody who was? Then Garnet is your birthstone (and is supposed to keep the wearer safe during their travels). Garnets cover a wide colour range including yellow, orange, blue, green, brown, red and black so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This page describes one of them, the Czech Garnet which is also called the Bohemian Garnet.

prague bohemian garnet graphic
Bohemian Garnet is the colour of dark red wine

Bohemia has been linked with Garnet mining since the 13th Century and it was a common semi-precious stone used throughout Imperial times for decorative jewellery, cutlery, furniture, in fact anything that needed to be made more grand in appearance had a chance of containing Garnets.

In Prague you can look for signs saying “Granat” which also means Garnet and has it’s origins in the Latin “Granatum” (although the most popular colour is the Almandine amber-orange, Czechs associate Bohemian “Granat” with the Pommegranate fruit that has the deep red colour).

You are going to see the labels “Czech Garnet” or “Bohemian Garnet” or “Turnov Garnet” a lot in jewellery shops but these are trade names for a type of Garnet called Pyrope which historically is mined in the north of the Czech Republic and has the deep red colour and from Latin it translates as “Fire-Eyed”. In fact only one company in the Czech town of Turnov supplies all of this type of Garnet. Pyrope was mined almost by accident as the intention was to unearth diamonds and to this day the presence of Pyrope Garnet is an indicator of high pressure rock formations that may also contain diamonds.

Bohemian Garnet Discount Voucher

If you are thinking about buying then Print or Save the Discount Voucher below for a discount of up to 21% depending on your country i.e. Non-EU countries like the United States and the United Kingdom (after Brexit) get the 21% Tax Free discount. I recommend it for the Bohemian Garnet but it’s a regular jewellers so you’ll find other products. Print the Discount Voucher and redeem at the location on the voucher which is in the Old Town at Maiselova 17/39 or the Google Maps location is here. Professional service and advice, free resizing on-site. Please note that I do get a commission if you purchase anything using the voucher. I like the fact that Cohen’s just gives you the tax-free discount and the paperwork you just drop at the tax-free office of the last EU airport you use. So you confirm that you bought items tax free but you don’t claim anything back at the airport because you got the discount at the shop. This saves faffing around at the airport.

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How to Spot Real Bohemian Garnet

You have three tools available:
1) Electron Microscope
2) Refractometer
3) Neodymium magnet

Again, the guys at Cohen’s above are very clear on what you are buying in terms of what is Bohemian Garnet and what is from Mozambique i.e. the larger stones are African. As with any shop selling crystal and glass products it can be fairly easy to substitute an expensive crystal with almost worthless glass but Garnets have a few secrets. Garnets are minerals, they have a defined crystal structure but unfortunately you need an electron microscope to see them. You can use a Refractometer to measure the RI value (Refractive Index) and for Pyrope (Bohemian Garnet) you are looking for an RI of 1.72 to 1.75. Or you can use one of the properties of Garnet, unique amongst transparent gemstones, in that they contain iron. The method that jewellers first use to spot if it’s Garnet and not just glass is to use a Neodymium magnet. You can buy these online quite inexpensively and it’s a good investment if you are serious about buying Bohemian Garnet. The Magnet method can be used either garnet-only or on garnet set in a non-magnetic metal. Expect that the Garnet will be drawn towards the magnet but not enough to lift it’s weight. The other basic way to spot real Bohemian Garnet is the size as almost without exception it’s in pieces of less than 5mm in diameter which means it’s usually multiple smaller stones used in bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Anything over 5mm is also Pyrope but will likely be African or Indian.

Look out for other types of Garnet available in Prague including Diamond Garnet where both Bohemian Garnet and African/Indian Garnet is combined with diamonds. ALWAYS ALWAYS request a certificate of authenticity from the shop.