winter picture of konopiste castle close to prague. the castle is white against a blue sky and the trees have no leaves

Trip to Konopiste Castle

Trip to Konopiste Castle People looking to do a half-day organised trip to see a castle will usually go to one of two options. It will either be Karlstejn Castle because of it’s imposing hilltop views and high towers plus the ability to get there and back by train. Or it will be Konopiste Castle … Read More

The main entry to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Hotel Thermal complex with red carpet

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival For most visitors to Prague considering a visit to other Czech towns and cities in July then Karlovy Vary will be on that list as a day trip. I’ve written about Karlovy Vary in the past as a place to visit especially if you are driving but there are lots … Read More

birds eye view of the centre of cheb from the st nicholas church tower

Day Trips – Cheb

Trips from Prague – Cheb Of all the towns in West Bohemia I know Cheb the best because my in-laws live there so I’ve had regular trips to see them and the town which in German is known as “Eger”. There’s a lot of history here but I would struggle to commit a whole day. … Read More

the courtyard of zbiroh castle and entry to the castle pub.

Zbiroh Castle

Trips from Prague, Zbiroh Castle There are several reasons for visiting Zbiroh not least for the surrounding countryside hiking experiences but the Castle/Chateau is fairly unknown to tourists. It has an interesting history so if you are driving between Prague and Plzen it might be worth a stop especially if you are a Slav Epic … Read More

family rock climbing at via ferrata

Via Ferrata Rock Climbing

Via Ferrata Rock Climbing It’s not often a tourist will wake up in Prague, have breakfast and think “I know, I think I’ll go to Děčín”. Děčín (with all the Czech characters it pronounced “dee-et-cheen”) isn’t really on the map for most tourists unless you are off to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park where you … Read More

a spa hotel in the czech town of frantiskovy lazne

Františkovy Lázně

Františkovy Lázně If you are entering or leaving the Czech Republic from the west then you’ll be aiming for Rozvadov on the motorway but if you want a more scenic route then you’ll head for the Pomezí crossing. If you intend to cross at Pomezí you are just a 5 minute drive from the little … Read More

stone marker with the words ceske svycarsko etched into it. it means czech switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland Actually the Czechs know the area as Ceske Svycarsko or Czech Switzerland. In either case it’s a National Park in the north-west of the country which straddles the Czech-German border. Germans call it Saxon Switzerland but from now on I’ll stick with it’s more popular tourist name Bohemian Switzerland. Why Visit Bohemian Switzerland? … Read More

Sedlec Ossuary – Bone Church

Sedlec Ossuary On this post I’ll give you a bit of the interesting history of the Sedlec Ossuary, answer a few questions that you’ll undoubtedly have and give you some local tips and tricks to save you some time. Sedlec Ossuary – Why Was It Built? In the 13th Century there was an Abbey here. … Read More

karlstejn castle

Prague Karlstejn Castle

Prague Karlstejn Castle If you are looking for a trip outside of Prague then Karlstejn Castle is an option as a half-day, whole-day or overnight stay. I’ll describe why you might want to visit, options for what to see in the area and how to get to and from it. Staying in Karlstejn When I … Read More

karlovy vary colonnades

Prague To Karlovy Vary

Getting from Prague to Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary sits a little over halfway between Prague and the German border. On German maps it’s called “Carlsbad”. The beautiful 19th Century centre of town sits in a steep valley with the river Tepla (it means “hot”) coming through it. You are coming here either to experience a … Read More