The Story Of Bohumil Fiala

The Inspirational Story of Bohumil Fiala – A Lesson For Us All We’ve all done it. Walking through a park, there’s a guy slouched on the bench with a bottle of beer or box of wine next to him. We take a quick glance and then look away. What would happen if somebody decided to … Read More

Prague Homeless, The Hermes Boat

Prague Homeless – The Hermes Boat Some NumbersThere are around 68,500 homeless people in the Czech Republic. Almost 120,000 adults and children live in unstable or unsuitable accommodation. At any given time about 5000 of them are Prague homeless. Just under a quarter of the country’s homeless are women, almost 12 percent are under 18 … Read More

Prague Homeless Novy Prostor

Novy Prostor – The Czech Big Issue As usual, an idea for a page gets triggered into action by an event. That event was learning that Novy Prostor (NP – in English it means New Space) had published it’s 500th edition in July 2017). It launched in Czech in 1999 under the name “Patron” but … Read More

Prague Homeless – The Hobohemia Project

Prague Homeless – The HoBohemia Project HoBohemia was a 2-year research project run by the Institute of Sociology under the Czech Academy of Sciences covering homelessness in the cities of Prague and Plzen. It is estimated that there are 70,000 homeless people in the country and another 130,000 “at risk” of becoming homeless. The first … Read More

LOKAL PRAGUE – Buy a Homeless Person a Meal

Lokal – Buying a Meal for the Homeless I described in the Novy Prostor post how you can buy a meal for the homeless but I thought it was worth raising it’s profile because many people don’t realise how easy it can be to help the homeless with a single simple act. While you are … Read More