Restu Gourmet Guide and Reservation Service

What is Restu?

NOTE: Restu has now ceased trading. If it restarts then I will update this post. Restu divides itself into two parts. It’s primarily a restaurant guide that on a basic level offers a free reservation service. At a higher level, based on your reservations history and types of meal that you were interested in it … Read More

We Don’t Eat Zebra

We Don’t Eat Zebra It comes as a shock to people when they see Zebra on the menu, causing people to run for the doors screaming about protecting our stripy friends. But don’t worry, its not Zebra its Žebra which means “Ribs”. For a country with a large meat-eating diet it’s a meal which is … Read More

Prague Children Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

Prague Children Friendly Restaurants and Cafes Eating out in Prague with kids again can be challenging. I wish I could say that places will be greeting families with welcome arms but, I live in the real world. It’s much better than it used to be but still, it could be even better. I find it … Read More