Prague Children Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

Prague Children Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

Eating out in Prague with kids again can be challenging. I wish I could say that places will be greeting families with welcome arms but, I live in the real world. It’s much better than it used to be but still, it could be even better. I find it amazing that after more than twenty years here I can only recommend three or four places.

three women with young children having coffee
Child Friendly

Pizzeria Nuova (www.ambi.cz) opened with the business plan of ENCOURAGING parents to bring young children. Unheard of concept previously, it has become a magnet for people with young kids. Great food and they have a supervised play area as well (best to be supervised by parents as usual). The waiters expect young kids to be running around so they are prepared for it and guess what… happy parents give good tips. Best to reserve if eating after 7pm. The restaurant is on the first floor so you have to negotiate a big set of stairs but, it’s worth it. You’ll find it on Republic Square next to the Kotva shopping centre.

Cafe Savoy (www.ambi.cz) reopened after a huge renovation. Not primarily aimed at parents but the staff is very professional and will distract your kids long enough for you to enjoy a nice coffee or thick chocolate. They have colouring sets as well.

IKEA (www.ikea.cz). Pregnant or with young kids? IKEA has you in their sights. They’ve gone to some lengths to promote their restaurant facilities to encourage young mums and families to come to their shops for breakfast/lunch/dinner and buy some stuff at the same time. These places are not central i.e. end of metro lines or you’ll need to drive but, worth it if you want to relax.

More Memorable Places

Remember that a list of great cafes to try is on the Cafes to Remember post but so so child friendly.