Czech Food – Smazenka

Czech Food – Smaženka

You won’t find Smaženka in restaurants as it is very much a lunchtime snack food which you are most likely to find in a bakery or small cafe catering to local Czechs. Literally the name means “something little which is fried” so let’s find out what to expect.

czech food smazenka egg mixed with breadcrumbs topped with pickles and onions
Czech food – Smaženka

Is Smaženka an Omelette?

At first glance Smaženka can look like an omelette especially if it has been folded plus both can be served on a piece of bread but it will have only a single egg whereas most omelettes will have at least two. Normally Smaženka is a single layer with crisp edges after frying.

Smaženka and soup – classic Czech food for less than CZK100

The pictures above should give you idea of the visual differences. Apart from having a single egg the main difference is that single egg is mixed with breadcrumbs so it has a rougher texture than an omelette. Secondly, Smaženka always comes with a piece of bread under it which should have a layer of mustard. This is optional for places selling the omelette although if the idea is that you are taking this away to eat by hand then expect the bread.

Serving Suggestions

Smaženka is one of those meals that can be eaten hot or cold so the difference will be if you are making it yourself it will be hot but if you are buying from a shop it will be cold. Either way the “classic” topping on Smaženka is primarily onions, pickled red peppers, tomato and gherkins (pickles).

Who Would Eat Smaženka?

smazenka and omelettes with weight and allergen data behind a glass screen
Smaženka and an omelette side by side at a bakery

The picture above shows both the weight of the food plus it’s allergen detail i.e. 1, 3, 10 means that people with a Dairy, Gluten or Mustard intolerance must NOT eat this meal. Anybody that likes onions with their eggs will like it and remember that Czech mustard is not hot. If you don’t like the taste of vinegar then avoid Smaženka because the pickles and pickled peppers/cabbage can leave a strong vinegar taste on the egg.

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