Czech Desserts – Livanec

Czech Desserts – Livanec

As you browse restaurant menus you’ll find different sorts of pancakes. In a tourist environment they would be what Czechs call Palačinky (sounds like palla-chin-key) but the authentic Czech pancake is Livanec. If you’ve ever tried the dutch mini-pancakes called Poffertjes, it’s cooked the same way, just bigger. Like many desserts, it can also double as a breakfast so look for it on breakfast menus. Personally that’s how I eat this, as a breakfast.

Classic Livanec With Raspberry

4 pieces of czech livanec pancakes on raspberry sauce and sour cream on top with a sprig of mint
Livanec with raspberry

Like a regular pancake this is something that has to be cooked fresh so you’ll find it in larger cafes (Cafe Louvre is my favourite for this dessert) and Czech restaurants. The picture shows the expected presentation so it will be 3 or 4 livanec (in Czech the plural is livance) sitting on a fruit puree sauce which is usually raspberry, sour cream on the top on maybe in a jug on the side and topped off in this case with a sprig of mint.

white plate with leftovers of raspberry sauce and a sprig of mint with knife and fork
That’s done then…..

And basically that sprig of mint is all I leave on the plate. This and a strong shot of coffee will fuel me up for the morning’s walk.

Different Livanec Options

This can also be a very seasonal meal in that around June you’ll see a lot more Livanec with Strawberry. Likewise in August/September you see Blueberry. In the picture you’ll see that the base is cream and not fruit sauce. So you can see that there are many ways it can be served.

czech livanec pancakes on cream with strawberries, raspberries and bluberries

This is high calorie stuff and absolutely loaded with sugar but I’m a tour guide so I have no trouble walking it off, I just wouldn’t want it every day. Budget CZK150 per person for the livanec and a coffee.

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