Czech Technical University Prague CVUT

The Czech Technical University in Prague

Foreigners will call it CTU, Czechs call it CVUT. Back in 1705 a man called Christian Josef Willenberg asked the Emperor for permission to educate six people from various classes in “Engineering Arts”. Basically that means “Fortification” so as well as structural building the early engineers were also trained in surveying, mapping, drainage and mechanical physics. Around the year 1800 it became a Polytechnic with strong emphasis on mathematical study. In 1902, now known as the Czech Technical University School it supported the inclusion of female students.

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Czech Technical University

The Czech Technical University (CTU) now covers the eight faculties for Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering, Architecture, Transportation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Information Technology along with the recent addition of the Robotics and Cybernetics Institute. There are more than 120 study programs including Bachelor, Masters and PhD covering more than 450 separate fields. There are approximately 21,000 students enrolled.


CTU covers a large piece of ground close to the Dejvice metro station. It connects to the Green “A” Line and also to all the tram and bus services in the area. You would not call this area in any way touristy and due to the CTU and CULS campuses there are many places that cater to students in and around the area.

Where to Stay to get to CTU

Ideally you’d like to be in the Dejvice area so you’ll be walking distance from the university. One of the main roads is called “Jugoslavskych Partyzanu” which goes down to Podbaba but this area will also be the target area of students attending CULS. On the other side of the CTU you have Evropska. One metro station or four tram stops gets you to the areas of Veleslavin on one side of the road and Vokovice on the other side which are residential areas where flats are often rented and six stops takes you to an area called Liboc.


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