Czech University of Life Sciences CULS

Czech University of Life Sciences – CULS

CULS is a public university in that is funded by the state but overseen by a private academic board. Agricultural science was first taught in 1776 at what was then the Charles-Ferdinand University. It got it’s own department in 1812 but it was not until 1906 that Emperor Franz Josef decreed that Agricultural Science should have it’s own faculty and so the Agricultural College was formed.

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Czech University of Life Sciences

In 1952 to support the Communist collective agricultural policy, it was officially made University of Agriculture with faculties for Agronomy (now broken up into Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources), Mechanisation (Engineering) and Economics (Economics and Management). In 1990 they were joined by the faculty of Forestry which in 2006 was itself split into “Environmental” Sciences and “Forestry and Wood” Sciences. Due to the inclusion of these latter “Life Sciences” it was renamed to CULS in 2007 and offers more than 150 study programmes including Bachelor, Masters and PhD studies. It’s also a signatory of the Socrates Erasmus Charter. There are approximately 18,000 students enrolled.


CULS is located at Suchdol. It was purpose built in 1964 on common land about 5km outside the city but the city has now caught up with it. Buses link the Prague 6 area called Dejvicka with Suchdol. Three buses cover different areas so you’ll have to find out which is best for you but experience suggests it will be the 160 or the 147. Read my page about How to Use Mapy.cz to see the area and details of transport connections. There’s a night bus but again, check your accommodation location in relation to the bus routes.

Where to Stay to get to CULS

Apart from the Stary Suchdol (old part) and Novy Suchdol (new part) then the other walking distance locations are Vyhledy and Sedlec. The area called Lysolaje (good if you can catch the 160 bus but the night bus does not go to this part). The best location away from the CULS university is Dejvicka (the Podbaba and Juliska areas are popular as they are on the bus route). Podbaba also has a train station which connects to Holešovice and Masarykovo stations.

Help and Orientation

For accommodation outside of campus you are on your own. The IRO (International Relations Office) will give you a guide to the university and support you through an orientation week. Erasmus+ students are offered additional language and culture courses.

Kamýcká 129
165 00 Praha 6 – Suchdol

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