Metropolitan University Prague – MUP

Prague Metropolitan University – MUP

Formed in 2001 and offering Barrier-free since 2003 it’s a fairly small university with only just over 5000 enrolled students. Languages taught as well as English include French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Students taking study program in English are also offered the opportunity for learning Czech (check the price). There is a separate Department of Asian Studies covering Chinese and Japanese and any student attending for 4 semesters and graduating will be awarded a certificate in Asian Studies.

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Prague Metropolitan University

They don’t have faculties because at MUP they call them departments. So the departments cover Anglophone studies, Industrial Property, International Business, International Relations (IRES and MVES), Legal, Media, Political Science and Humanities. If you want a Bachelors degree then you are looking at 2 years of study at roughly CZK50,000 per year plus additional costs i.e. for Czech as a foreign language add another CZK50,000 per year.

It’s not cheap but so long as you know exactly which qualifications you need then you should consider it especially if you want the language options.


The main MUP Prague campus is in the Strašnice area (Prague 10) located between the Strašnice and Skalka metro stations and accessible by trams 24 hours a day. That means you are not in a tourist area and travel to the centre of town should be in the region of 20-25 minutes.

Where to Stay to get to and from MUP

Directly around MUP is Strašnice with very reasonably priced accommodation. To the north with an additional 15-20 minute walk you have the area called Želivskeho and a street called Cernokostelecska which has low rise residential buildings containing single rooms and apartments. Another area to consider is Vršovice which is a bit further towards the centre but still only three or four tram stops to MUP and gives excellent options for getting in and out of the centre by tram. Finally, stay on the tramline and eventually you come to Nusle/Vyšehrad which has a lot of residential apartments but sits directly between MUP and the centre of the city.

Dubecská 900/10
100 00 Praha, Strašnice

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