Czech Presidents, Vaclav Havel

Vaclav Havel A Life in Brief When I came to Prague in June 1996, the Czech Republic had only been in existence for three and a half years and Vaclav Havel was still in his first term as Czech President. I was not really up on politics and central European History at that time but … Read More

Tomas Masaryk, First Czech President

Czech Presidents, Tomas Masaryk

Tomas Masaryk – First Czech President What an amazing life this guy had and it can be divided into three very distinct parts. Firstly, his fight to raise himself from the poor land he was born into. Secondly, the development of that intellect into a political tool. Lastly, as founder of a new country. In … Read More

Czech Presidents, Edvard Benes

Edvard Benes – 2nd Czech President Edvard Benes (pronunced Benesh and by the way “Edvard” is how we say Edward in Czech) worked alongside Tomas Masaryk in the creation and ultimately the governing of the new sovereign state of Czechoslovakia. Edvard Benes became the longest serving Foreign Minister, served as Prime Minister, represented Czechoslovakia at … Read More