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This page is your gateway into all things related to Prague food and drink in the city. It covers Czech Beer i.e. what to expect, the different kinds plus pubs and beer gardens to enjoy drinking it. You’ll find options for Beer Spas, Wine bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Food eBooks and Classic Czech Recipes.

Czech Food

One of the original pages on the website, it’s An Introduction to Czech Food, the menu structure, most popular meals and how they are likely to be served. If you are determined to try all the classic Czech food then stop by my Top Picks for Czech Food post. You can add restaurant etiquette and Bar Food options to that as well. An absolute must for people who want to try the cuisine. You can read about how We Don’t Eat Zebra, learn about my Favourite Hot Alcoholic drinks, read the insider guide to Pay by Weight food in the city, understand what Street Food you’ll find here and finally find out where you can prepare and cook some of this at a Czech Food Cooking Class.


Prague French Restaurant Francouzska

Prague French Restaurant Francouzska

A selection of about 30 of my favourite places in Prague covering Czech, Italian, French, Japanese, Thai, Steak, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Scenic and the top places in the city and links to further restaurant visits, posts and reviews. Some are expensive, others offer more of a cheaper pub experience but all have outstanding Prague food choices. Something for everyone and a FREE booking service if you want to make reservations. Read more on the Restaurants page. You’ll also find several eBooks on the site that look at How to Enjoy Czech Food, 23 Scenic Restaurants and Prague Vegetarian/Vegan Guide. Nothing over 2 Euros.


Prague has some stunning cafe settings. Throw in great service, historic Cubism and Art Nouveau buildings plus high quality food and drink. You’ll start collecting memories. Old and new, all my favourites in different areas of Prague are here along with recommendations and reasons why you might like to visit them. Read more on the Cafes page.

Czech Beer

Well this may be one of the reasons that you have come to Prague i.e. to try our world famous beers so lets jump right in and start learning about the different beers here, the strengths, how to pronounce the names, measures and places to try. Read more on the Czech Beers page.

Prague Bars

There are many bars in the city especially in the Old and New Towns. On the Bars page I try to suggest places that fit with your requirement in relation to genre, decor, food style etc so you’ll understand if you are going to a 100% bar or whether it’s more like an English Pub. This page also covers cocktail bars and places operating a “Bar and Lounge” which generally open later in the evening.

Wine Bars

Wine has always been a part of the country’s history and people visit the Czech Republic just to enjoy Moravian wines. In Prague you’ll be looking for a “Vinny Sklep” which translates as “Wine Cellar”. Of course modern wine bars in the city also offer a great range of light food and professional service. Also bear in mind your existing favourite wines and the bar will often be able to suggest local alternatives for both Czech and International wines. It’s worth noting that 2015 was the best year for 30 years for Czech wine. My own recommendations are on the Wine Bars page.

Czech Recipes

You’ve tried it in Prague and now you want to recreate the experience at home. Here’s where I try and show you what you’ll need to do to end up with a recognisable (look and taste) of your favourite Czech meals. Start on the Czech Recipes page and explore the options.

Cheap Eats

A new section coming soon that will show you what you can get for £2 (U$2.20).

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