Prague FAQs

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Prague

How do I get from the airport into town?

The main page to answer this question is my All Transfer Options page where you’ll find all the current options. Or use my Recommended Transfer Service.

Can you recommend a place to stay?

I can recommend lots of places but everybody has different views on what they want i.e. price, location, quality and of course availability. The What to Expect Accommodation Introduction page gives some good tips on the types of places available and what to expect from the room before you start your search. I list my favourite places on various pages depending on where you want to stay i.e. to start you off there are my Old Town Accommodation favourites and there are my Wenceslas Square Accommodation favourites. You’ll find my favourite accommodation up at the Prague Castle area, the Lesser Town, Vinohrady, Vysehrad etc etc.

What’s best, hotel or apartment?

This will normally be decided by personal preference i.e. space, number of rooms, whether it has a kitchen or not etc. There are hotels that offer apartments as well but most apartments are privately owned. Again the What to Expect Accommodation Introduction page makes some hotel recommendations based on both class and location. If you are specifically looking for apartments then start on the Prague Apartments page.

What is Czech Food like?

If forced to compress it into one word, I would choose “filling”. I’ve tried countless different meals and I have my favourites. I’ve tried to create a page that would encourage people to try Czech food by describing what to expect and how it will look. Some people have described the page itself as “mouth-watering”. You can read about it on the Czech Food and Restaurant Etiquette page. Or jump right into the Top Czech Food Picks.

Can you recommend a good restaurant?

There are all kinds of restaurants catering to all tastes. I make recommendations based on requirement. I have my favourites and these along with others are on the Restaurants section of the site. I’ve put in options for people who need Gluten Free or Contact Me if you need something specific.

My hotel is not listed on your site?

All the accommodation listed on this site have either been stayed in or visited by me or I’ve received consistent information from different sources about that accommodation i.e. friends, colleagues, message boards etc. If you are searching for a place then start with these first. If you have already reserved or have a choice and need some local advice then feel free to Contact Me.

Is it safe in Prague?

Like all capital cities Prague has it’s criminal element but, this normally only stretches to pickpockets and car radios. Crime against the person is still very rare. Of course at night I would advise you to stay away from the vicinity of the train stations and the parks but, generally everywhere is OK. For more info on how to prevent problems then start on the Prague Safety Tips page.

What are the scams?

All the current scams are now listed on the Scams and Frauds page. Basically this comes down to withdrawing or changing money, taxi charges, general overcharging and fake officials.

Can you recommend a good place for a Stag/Hen night?

Some places in Prague have restrictions on the types of groups they admit. As a general rule, the Irish bars are OK but, have a little respect for the place. Take a look at the Stag and Hen page which points out many of the places to go and the issues that large groups will have to deal with.

How do the ATM’s (cashpoints) work?

I wrote a special How to Use a Prague ATM page guide that walks you through the process to operate a Prague ATM.

How can I get a cheap flight to Prague?

There are several “no frills” service providers flying into Prague including Easyjet and Jet2 etc.. I use a Skyscanner search tool for flights from the UK so you’ll find the options and prices. You’ll find details of carriers flying to Prague on the Who Flies Here and What Deals They Have page.

How is Prague after the flood?

There have been several in the last 20 years. Here you’ll find a personal record of the events of the 2002 flood. If the flood you are referring to is very recent then feel free to contact me.

What is the weather like?

The expression “how long is a piece of string?” comes to mind. We’ve had hot summers, wet summers and Indian summers. There can be no accurate forecast more than 10 days in advance. The Prague Weather page has a rough estimate of what to expect and links to historical/almanac data (if you like that sort of thing) and some other seasonal advice. The Prague by Month section also gives practical what to wear advice.

Do they speak English there?

English is becoming much more widely spoken everywhere and has overtaken German as the most taught second language in school. The bigger restaurants will have some staff that speak English although not everybody. Smaller restaurants may have one person who speaks broken English so keep your requests short and clear.

Do you recommend a guidebook?

Bring a decent guidebook with you. In my experience, unless you are a backpacker looking for “shoestring” information then avoid buying LP, Rough Guides, Frommers etc. I have 5 guidebooks from different publishers and without doubt the best for the tourist is the “Everyman Guide”. My copy from 1998 (ISBN 1-85715-831-8) is now a bit out of date but the latest version has a lot of visual info that will help you get the most out of your trip. You can see my Recommended Guidebooks page for titles and authors.

Should I bring Euros or Czech Korun?

All my recommendations regarding the currency and options for how to get it are on the Prague Currency page or the Cash or Card post. Bear in mind that although the Czech Republic is now in the EU, it does not have to use the Euro. Places that do accept Euros do so for profit as the exchange rate will be pretty bad and normally you get your change in Czech Korun. Each business will have it’s own rules but, if somewhere accepts Euros it must display the exchange rate.

Do I need a power adaptor or transformer?

In general, unless you are visiting here from another central European country then you will need a power plug adaptor. If you come from a country which uses 110v then each appliance has power details printed on it. You should see one of two options:
1) 100v to 127v only i.e. a single numeric value
2) 110/230v i.e. a voltage less then 200 with an option for 220/230/240

If you have option one then you need a transformer. If you have option two then your appliance will function but, it is often a problem for laptop computers using adapted power as US 110v, Asian 100v and EU power sources use a different frequency. You can buy a special “anti-spike” transformer/adaptor with a separate circuit breaker. British coming here with their own plugs should bring replacement fuses as the Czech plug is unfused and UK fuses are not sold here.

Can you recommend a city tour?

I list my own Prague Walking Tours at https://www.livingpraguetours.com and many people have already enjoyed my Old Town and Jewish Quarter walking tour. Or other tour options are listed for River Cruises or Tours on Wheels.

Is public transport easy to use?

You select the correct tariff based on your journey requirement, pay the money, validate the ticket when you first enter the DPP transport system. It’s as easy as that. My Public Transport page explains clearly how it works and the current tariffs. Then if you want buy tickets here’s How to Use a Touch-Screen Ticket Machine.

Are taxis really bad there?

I always advise people to walk into any hotel and ask the reception to order you a taxi from 3 or 4 reputable companies. If you get in one parked on a central rank or flag one down on the street then expect to be ripped off. My Taxi page will tell you other options for using taxis in the city and we use UBER here as well.

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