Uber Prague Taxi Service

UBER Prague Taxi Service

If you’re coming to Prague and you’re thinking about using a taxi then UBER may be on your mind. Well, lets start with “Is UBER in Prague?”, the answer to that is yes so if you’ve got the app on your phone then it’s exactly the same as anywhere else. In this post I’ll share my experiences of Uber in Prague.

burned out car with uber sprayed on the door
UBER Drivers can often be victims of other taxi services

UBER Prague System

Purely from a system point of view i.e. it’s in English on your phone and your start point is known, then the only issue you’ve got is making sure that you correctly write the destination address. As well as regular characters, the UBER system allows for Czech special characters. It may offer you a choice of street addresses so it’s important to choose the correct one i.e. in the centre of Prague you choose the option “Hlavni Mesto”. The system seems to be quite smart and will first offer the street that it thinks you are most likely to want.

UBER Comparison Tests

On the plus side, in taxi tests over the last 2 years UBER Prague scored very highly in all main test categories including route selection, price, driver attitude and cleanliness. Not necessarily a negative but I do point out that the majority of people that I know use UBER in-town sometimes use smaller cars so if you are travelling with luggage then confirm the type of car before you book it.

The Airport

From March 2023 UBER will be the official taxi operator at Prague Airport. How that system is actually going to work is not clear. There will be a method of calling an UBER from the airport taxi waiting area i.e. you just get the next car in the line and you get the usual detail like registration number, make etc. If you want a specific car/driver then you can order that and that method comes with a PIN code. There will also be terminals in the arrival lounge that you can use to get an UBER. Basically it’s like the old service but you should know exactly how much it will be and how long the transfer will take.

In Summary

I think UBER in Prague provides a safe and good value travel option within the city but personally I would not use it for getting to or from the airport. Also check the No Stress Guide to Using Prague Taxis.