Karlin Prague 8 District

The Karlin Prague Eighth District

The Prague Karlin district is in the Prague 8 area and if you are prepared to use public transport or don’t mind a 30 minute walk then you will find the area has a lot going for it. I worked here for a couple of years and visit regularly so I know the area very well and I’ve used the restaurants that I recommend further down the page. I’ll describe the best accommodation options, a selection of places to eat and drink, some places to visit in Karlin and generally how to navigate it. Geographically Karlin starts by the railway bridge on the east side of the highway which divides Prague 1 from Prague 8. At it’s closest point i.e. the railway bridge, the Hotel Mucha, Pension Alice or the Botanique you could walk to the Old Town Square in 20 minutes. At it’s furthest i.e. Urxova it would be more like 35 minutes.

karlin prague commercial building atrium
Karlin saw big growth in business ventures after the 2002 flood

Karlin has the river on one side and the Vitkov hill on the other and the whole area as far as a tourist is concerned is covered by just three long roads which I will make reference to i.e. Sokolovska (tram), Krizikova (tram and metro access) and Pernerova. Note that the Krizikova tram stop is actually in Sokolovska and Krizikova is one road further over. The whole area is only slightly larger than the Old Town.


Check the full Guide to Prague Karlin Hotels for more detailed info on places to stay or here is a selection.

Botanique 4* A popular hotel formerly known as Jurys Inn. It’s right opposite the Florenc Metro/Tram station so it’s two metro stops to Wenceslas Square, four tram stops or a 20 minute walk from here to the Old Town via Republic Square. Botanique is a purpose built 4 star hotel with modern amenities and for those who want to explore the area you’ll find many independent shops, restaurants and cafes within a 5 minute walk.
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Hotel Alwyn 4* is a 5 minute walk to the Florenc Metro/tram. It has an on-site Czech/International restaurant. Rooms are in two classes with “Comfort” being a regular double or twin. The “Deluxe” rooms are much bigger and are laid out in a open-plan bed/living arrangement. The Deluxe rooms can also take an extra bed. A small fitness/wellness area is available to guests (fitness is free, wellness is paid).
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Galerie Royale 4* opened in 2013. It’s a 2 minute walk to the Krizikova Metro/tram. Some deals here include free parking and children under 6 free. They also have a discounted single-day entry into the Holmes Place fitness/wellness area so you can enjoy their pool, sauna, steam room, gym and sun terrace.
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Hotel 3Domy 4* is made up of three separate Prague Karlin apartment blocks which includes the Holmes Place fitness/wellness area. Guests have free access to the wellness if booked in advance. The apartments are spacious and comfortable and I’ve stayed in apt 205 so check the review. There is a breakfast option but I prefer going to one of the local cafes if you can breakfast after 9am.
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HotelBB 3* opened in 2013 as part of the larger BB group. It’s a three minute walk to the Florenc Metro/tram. The front of the hotel faces a railway line so light sleepers should go for an interior room.
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Prague Karlin – What’s To See?

A little like the Andel area in that it’s not a place that has much in the way of attractions. There’s the church on the main Karlin Square, an interesting tunnel that takes you under Vitkov Hill to the Zizkov area (Prague 3 – see Peters Burger Pub below) and it’s close to the river. That’s about it. So accept that this is a place to stay, maybe eat and drink but not a lot of tourism. If you are here in late May or early June look to see if United Islands of Prague is on during your stay because it might be in this district.

Places to Eat

I’ll start at the Florenc (railway bridge) end and work down the street.

Gate Cafe/Restaurant is one of the smarter places in the Prague Karlin area. Open for breakfast from 8am during the week and from 12 at weekends it stays open generally until midnight (0100 fri-sat). Always smart service. Gate is right by the railway bridge 2 minutes walk from the Florenc metro/tram and within 1 minute of Botanique, Hotel Mucha and HotelBB.

Pivovarsky Klub. Facing the railway arch with the Gate restaurant on the other side on the left, turn right and walk one block alongside the railway arches. At the road (Krizikova) turn right and Pivovarsky Klub is 20 metres on the right. It’s split level so if there’s no space upstairs try the airy cellar downstairs. Both areas have their own bars with a selection of beers on-tap as well as bottles. Certainly a place to try a Czech beer with your food.

Beas Dhaba (www.beas-dhaba.cz) is a good non-smoking vegetarian option in the Prague Karlin area. There is no fixed menu, instead here you pay by weight from a daily changing selection. I’ll be here a couple of times a week if I’m not so hungry. Two types of rice, at least 5 hot vegetable choices plus a range of extras (indian) and a salad bar. This is a 2 minute walk from the Krizikova metro/tram.

Krystal Mozaika is another smart option serving a selection of Czech and international food. Tables on the street in the summer. This is a popular place for an evening drink or a meal for people staying at the Penta Hotel just down the road. Krystal Mozaika is located mid-way between the Krizikova and Urxova tram stops.

Red Hot Chilli (no webpage). Come out of the Krizikova metro or tram stop and go one block back to Krizikova street. Turn right and after 50 metres you’ll find Red Hot Chilli. The sign says Vietnamese food but believe me it’s Thai by any other name. Very good selection of hot and cold dishes and I’ll be here once a week. I’d be paying something between 150-200CZK for a two course meal with a drink. People staying at Casa Italia will probably stop here at some point or at the Charleston further up the road. English spoken and English translated menu.

Peters Burger Pub (site is CZECH but the menu is translated) is located on the corner of Pernerova and Thamova which means you come out of the Krizikova metro and head back towards the hill until you’ve walked two blocks. Peters is on the opposite corner and the pedestrian tunnel is at the end. Good burgers, steaks and nachos.

Transport and Access

It won’t take long for you to get accustomed to the transport. My advice (unless you are prepared to walk everywhere) is to invest in a travel pass during your stay. You’ll soon work out that the Metro at Krizikova will get you to Republic Square in two stops or the bottom of Wenceslas Square in three. Likewise, from Karlin (Krizikova) you could catch the No.3 tram and that would take you to Wenceslas Square in 6 stops or the No.8 tram will get you to Republic Square in 4 stops and the Old Town Square is only a 5 minute walk from either. Here’s a guide on How to Use the Touch-Screen Ticket Machine.