United Islands Of Prague Music Festival
United Islands of Prague Music Festival

United Islands of Prague Music Festival 2018

What is the United Islands Festival About?

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The brightest and the best music talent mainly from Czech but comprising at least a dozen different nationalities come together to play for you for FREE!!!

When and Where

Normally late June but 2018 dates will be published here when available.

The Festival starts on a Thursday with a Club open-night. The Friday is currently a free-entry warm up night for a separate festival. The main United Islands of Prague event is the Saturday (9am-10pm) and Sunday (9am-8pm) spread out over 4 central venues located on Islands with a couple of other locations added.
Here’s the Venue Layout Map for 2016 and I’ll update for 2018 when available but it will be pretty much the same.

As a rule the toilet facilities are temporary “Toi Toi” in most locations with a couple of options for “supervised” WCs for CZK10 but, bring your own paper to be sure.

The Venues

Venue – Strelecky Ostrov (Shooters Island)

With the National Theatre behind you, walk across the bridge on the left side and you’ll find the steps leading down to the island. Usually there are stages on both sides of the bridge, one set up facing the restaurant and on the other side set up in the trees adjacent to the bridge. Concessions are on the other side of the bridge but you can bring your own as well. There will be a dock moored next to the island which is also the main bar during the festival. This is usually the main Jazz venue.

Venue – Kampa Park

Kampa Park sits between the Charles Bridge and Legie Bridge on the Mala Strana side. Usually two stages in different parts of the park and it’s only 200 metres from Shooters Island so you’ve got a choice of four bands at any given time. Kampa is the busiest of the United Islands of Prague venues. Everybody drifts into it when they hear the music having crossed Charles Bridge and it’s the place where most people bring their own food and drink. Lots of grassed area to lay down. Lots of concession stalls. If you are here with kids then this is your spot as it will also have a climbing wall, face painting, sports and an open-air cinema.

Venue – Kinsky Gardens

Depending on the line-up this is the most “ordered” of the United Islands of Prague main stage venues purely because not so many people just drop by as it’s slightly outside the usual tourist areas. Hence why this is usually the most relaxing venue and generally has the VIP facilities as well. Most people will access it via the main Kinsky Garden gate at the junction of Holeckova and Stefanikova but further up Holeckova on the right is a little used entry known locally as the “mouse-hole” and when you see it you’ll know why. Strange but, in 2016 they had Pole Dancing and Self-Defence exhibitions here.

Venue – Janáckovo nábreží

Nábreží means “on the quay” and this is the stretch between Legie Bridge and Jiraskuv Bridge on the Mala Strana side. They normally shut the river road running next to Childrens Island and put the stage up towards the end of the canal locks (search online for “Jazz Dock” and that’ll get you within 100 metres). This is the place if you want to combine good music and good food as half of the street is given over to food stalls. If you are attending this United Islands of Prague venue then a couple of other things to know around here are that if you continue upriver for 600 metres you’ll come to Smichovske Plaz (Smichov Beach) which is a pay-to-enter beach and very close to the main stage is a scenic restaurant called Manu.

Venue – Slavonic Island

Not always used but if it is then if you stood at the National Theatre end of the Legie Bridge and looked immediately to your left you’ll see Slavonic Island with the large yellow building (Sophie’s Palace) on it. Probably the quietest of all the venues with the least amount of choice for concessions but, on the island there is a place to rent pedal boats which you can take across the river and go around the Shooters Island venue as well.

Venue Staropramen Brewery

Details to be added if it is part of the 2018 Festival.

Is Metronomefest Part of United Islands of Prague?

It’s on during the same period and it’s planned and promoted by the same organisers as United Islands of Prague although the venue is in a different place i.e. the Vystaviste (Exhibition Grounds) in Holesovice Prague 7. The Friday is given over as a “warm-up” for which entry is free. On the Saturday and Sunday, think of Metronomefest as a Prague version of Glastonbury. Enclosed area, multiple stages, top bands, paid entry. You can read more on the Prague Metronome Music Festival page.

What is Klubova Noc?

Well, literally it means “Club Night”. Historically the Thursday before the main United Islands of Prague event is club night when a select list of clubs have bands/DJs playing and entry to the clubs is FREE. My advice is choose the club carefully as genres are varied and get in early.

Check the United Islands of Prague website for details.

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