Prague Three Day Travel Pass

The Prague Three Day Travel Pass

You’re probably deciding whether or not you’ll need to use Prague Public Transport and then whether you’ll need the 1 month ticket (from a DPP Office) or the long-term Litacka (for minimum 1 month), the Prague three day travel pass or single tickets. This page deals with the Prague three day travel pass which at the time of writing cost CZK310 and is pictured further down the page. NOTE: if you are travelling with children under 6 (document required to prove age) then they travel for free. If your child is 6 or over but has not had their 15th birthday then for free travel they must have a Litacka card.

public transport ticket office at prague main train station
Any DPP office will sell the Prague Three Day Travel Pass

Why Would You Want It?

  • For a start, if you are planning on taking more than 13 short trips (CZK24 max 30 mins) or more than 10 longer trips (CZK32 max 60 mins in the centre of town extending to 90 mins outside the P0 area) then the Prague Three Day Travel Pass will save you money.
  • For me the big advantage is not having to dig around for change for the ticket machines.
  • You don’t need a CZK16 Luggage Ticket (from/to the airport or train station).

Where Can You Buy the Prague Three Day Travel Pass?

The metro stations using the new touch-screen ticket machines will sell it as will Prague Tourist Information Centres. If you are arriving at the Prague Main Train Station, when you go into the concourse head over to the left side (north) and you’ll see the DPP Ticket Booth pictured at the top of this page. They accept both credit card and cash and are open 7am to 9pm. If there’s a queue for tickets and you can pay in cash then go further to your left and down towards the escalators where you’ll find the “Tourist Point” which is open 10am to 10pm. At the bottom of Wenceslas Square to one side of the Hotel Liberty is an entry to the Mustek metro station. Go down the stairs and immediately to your left is a DPP office which has the same opening times as the booth at the station and accepts both cash and credit cards. If you use the machines and you want to pay by card then the card has to be either “contactless” or “chip and PIN” so check the How to Use a Touch-Screen Ticket Machine. Also if you are buying anything from the site which has to be posted to you then this can be added to the package.

How Do I Validate It?

It’s like a regular single ticket in that it has a blank space at the bottom. When you first enter the Public Transport system (DPP) then put this ticket into the yellow box with the blank space facing UP and INSIDE the box. You’ll hear the stamping sound. Check that it’s clearly visible and you now have 72 hours of travel.