Prague Main Train Station DPP Booth
Prague Main Train Station DPP Booth

The Prague Three Day Travel Pass

The Prague Three Day Travel Pass

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Prague Three Day Travel Pass

Prague Three Day Travel Pass

You’re probably deciding whether or not you’ll need to use Prague Public Transport and then whether you’ll need the long-term Litacka (for minimum 1 month), the Prague three day travel pass or single tickets. This page deals with the Prague three day travel pass which at the time of writing cost CZK310 and is pictured left. NOTE: if you are travelling with children under 6 (document required to prove age) then they travel for free. If your child is 6 or over but has not had their 15th birthday then for free travel they must have a Litacka card.

Why Would You Want It?

  1. For a start, if you are planning on taking more than 13 short trips (CZK24 max 30 mins) or more than 10 longer trips (CZK32 max 60 mins in the centre of town extending to 90 mins outside the P0 area) then the Prague Three Day Travel Pass will save you money.
  2. For me the big advantage is not having to dig around for change for the ticket machines.
  3. You don’t need a CZK16 Luggage Ticket (from/to the airport or train station.

Where Can You Buy the Prague Three Day Travel Pass?

The larger metro stations like Muzeum and Mustek will sell it as will Prague Tourist Information Centres but my advice is to stop at the Prague Main Train Station. When you go into the concourse head over to the left side (north) and you’ll see the DPP Ticket Booth pictured at the top of this page. They accept both credit card and cash and are open 7am to 9pm. If there’s a queue for tickets and you can pay in cash then go further to your left and down towards the escalators where you’ll find the “Tourist Point” which is open 10am to 10pm. At the bottom of Wenceslas Square to one side of the Hotel Liberty is an entry to the Mustek metro station. Go down the stairs and immediately to your left is a DPP office which has the same opening times as the booth at the station and accepts both cash and credit cards.

How Do I Validate It?

It’s like a regular single ticket in that it has a blank space at the bottom. When you first enter the Public Transport system (DPP) then put this ticket into the yellow box with the blank space facing UP and INSIDE the box. You’ll hear the stamping sound. Check that it’s clearly visible and you now have 72 hours of travel.

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  1. Hi Jason,
    Can you advise whether the 24/48 hours Prague transport ticket is available for sale at Florenc metro Station in Prague ?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Carmen, there is no 48 hour pass. The 24 hour pass can be bought at Florenc at a regular ticket machine and it costs CZK110 where you’ll need coins or go outside the metro station via the Sokolovska exit and go around to the left and you’ll find a ticket office where you can pay by card.

  2. Hi there,

    7 of us (adults) are looking for a travel pass for Prague as we are going to be there for 3 days. I am unsure of pricing/routes to go as we are currently looking at places to stay. Do you have any recommendations for us – cheapest would be great at as we are traveling.


  3. Hello Dear

    Your website is very informative and helpful. I have learned alot about Prague from you. Keep it up.

    I just wanted to know one thing. I am planning to come to Prague for like 3-4 Days in Summer 2019. My mind is fix on taking the 72 hour Pass for my travels within the city. I will be accompanied by my wife (so 2 people). My questions are:

    1) Are there ticket scanning machines on the metro / tram stations in Prague?

    2) As a couple, are we expected to have 2 separate passes or buying single pass would be enough for us both?

    The reason why i am asking this question is that in Istanbul, we have this card in which we get top up from local stores. Once charges, numerous people can use the same card as it charges per journey so me and my wife used the same card there when we traveled this year.

    So i just want answers to aforementioned questions. Would be great if you can help.

    Thanks for listening. Cheers and Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Hasan,
      To answer your questions:
      1) If you are over 70 you have free travel in Prague so long as you can prove your age with a passport or National ID card.
      2) You each need a separate pass if you are travelling together. If you are travelling separately then either one of you can use a 3-day pass as it is not tied to a particular person.
      3) The pass is validated the first time you enter the transport system by having it stamped in the little yellow box. From that point on you have the validity of the travel pass on the network and you do not have to stamp it again or show it to anybody unless you are challenged by a ticket inspector.
      Have a good trip

  4. Hi
    i am visiting prague for 3 days so I want to buy a 3day pass but i am confused about zones in prague. which zones pass should i buy?
    i see 72hrs pass for only zone p, so it necessary to any pass for zone 0? and i am a student below 26 so is there any special discount for international students?

    1. Hi Suji, Zone P,0 and B are included in a single area covered by the DPP pass (that includes the 3-day pass). So that means you can use the entire metro and tram system plus many buses. Check the zone map (PID Tarifni Pasma) to see the borders. There is no student discount if you buy a 3-Day pass. Discounts only apply to longer term passes i.e. from 1 month.

  5. Hi,
    Should I get a Prague Travel Pass/ Prague Card/ Prague City Pass for a 2-day trip? I am a solo female traveller on a budget and can’t walk around too much.

    1. Hi M. Doesn’t matter about being a solo traveller or female but if you are on a budget then you’ll need to carefully plan your itinerary for using the Prague Card. Adult 2-Day is CZK1550 and I would recommend it if you will need to be using public transport to get to and from your hotel etc. 2 Days of Travel works out to CZK220. Jewish Museum Ticket is the CZK350 option (does not include the Old/New). Circuit B at the Castle is CZK250. Then you’d need to do other stuff like the museums etc to make up the difference. You could save something on the travel but overall, so long as you plan to visit a couple of museums and gate towers it’s worth it to buy the card. Just remember to start early as the card is based on calendar days i.e. if you validate on Monday, you can use it on Monday and Tuesday.

  6. Hi Jason

    I would like to ask two questions if that’s OK.
    If I buy a 24 hour ticket at Prague airport will it include the 16CZK luggage charge for the bus and tram element of my journey to the city and will it be valid for all the propoed route?
    Secondly, looking at the online transport map my route seems to be airport bus 100 to Zlicin, then either metro to Karlovo namesti and tram route 3 or metro to Radlicka and then tram route 17, both of which seem to go to tram stop Kublov, close to my hotel on Podolske nabrezi. Would one of these be a better or simpler option and would either be reasonable to negotiate for a new arrival in a new city in the early evening?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi David, this journey is more than 30 minutes so you would need a CZK32 ticket PLUS a CZK16 ticket which you can buy on arrival at the airport at the DPP booth up to 2130 or at the bus stop machine after 2130. For the route, either are ok but I would go 100 to Zlicin then metro to Karlovo Namesti then switch to the tram 3. Or you have the 119 from the airport to Veleslavin then metro to Staromestska then the 17. Depends on the timetable which would be quicker but the 119 changing to the 17 tram is more scenic.

      1. Hi Jason

        Thank you very much for the other recommended routes and I think I will go for your Zlicin, Karlovo Namesti, tram route 3 option.
        The reason I was hoping a 24 hour ticket on arrival would have been an option was because I was hoping to use it for a few hours during the following day to do a bit of travelling around by tram before the early evening.

  7. Hi Jason
    We will see you tomorrow for the tour 🙂 As we are here for 10 days we will get the monthly pass. Can we only buy that at the main train station and do we need any kind of ID? Many thanks

  8. Hello,
    I will be travelling with my wife and 2 children aged 9 and 14. If I buy 2 3 day passes, will my children travel with us for free, or I have to buy tickets for them ?

    1. Hi Gurhan, if you have a 24 hour or 72 hour pass then from age 6 to 15 the child rate applies i.e. for maximum 30 minutes they need a CZK12 ticket and for maximum 60 minutes they need a CZK16 ticket. The free child transport only works with the Litacka travel pass which is for a minimum of 1 month.

  9. Hello, arrive in Prague Airport and I just would to know about merto for travel pass 2 days as i have a Disabled person railcard deaf ,that for travel bus, bus plus, merto. How much?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Paul, as far as I know there is no special dispensation for foreign disabled people. There is no 2 day pass. In your case it would work out cheaper to buy 2x 24 hour passes as that works out to CZK220 as opposed to CZK310 for the 72 hour pass. The DPP pass covers all metro, tram and bus routes in the city limit. Outside of that you have zones and you pay that in cash if using a bus.

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