Prague Airport Upgrade

Onwards and Upwards at Prague Airport

Prague Airport has been upping it’s game since 2014 with a series of works designed to take on the competition. Starting with the removal of the moving walkways in the A and B gates that increased seating in the departure areas by 300%, enclosing smoking areas in glass and finishing the development of the areas between the A and B gates with new shops and restaurants. Plus the arrivals customs area is now a smart and less intimidating place.

But what about the small stuff? After you’ve checked in your bags and you feel the need to charge your phones and your pads then there’s an area in Terminal 1 with swanky new seating and both mains and USB charging ports.

After you’ve gone through passport control there’s a nice touch of having small trolleys for your hand luggage (yes I know Vienna had them in 1997) but it’s finally arrived here. I’ve seen people of all ages taking advantage of them and I suspect it has increased duty-free sales as well. There are also little strollers available for those with young kids who are walking-age but not up to walking long distances around an airport.

And did I mention the toilets? now almost touch-free with sliding entry, infra-red toilet flush and sink tap control plus a forced air drying system. In fact the only two things you’ll touch are the door and the seat. Another little bonus is the free water fountains outside the toilets so you don’t have to pay over the odds for bottled water if you don’t want.

I know, if you’ve been through any major airports lately you’ll have seen this stuff but for Prague it’s another step in the process and I think they should be applauded for it.

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