Prague Airport Duty Free Guide

Prague Airport Duty Free Guide

General Czech travel import/export rule: Except for alcohol, travellers to Prague are allowed to take 300 Euros worth of duty free with them outside of the EU without risking duty if travelling by land and 430 Euros worth of duty free if travelling by air. This post deals with drink, tobacco and tax-free jewellery.

Post-BREXIT Changes

At Prague Airport duty free shops UK residents now use the “green” label prices i.e. non-EU. Also scroll down this page to the 21% Tax-Free discount on jewellery.

aelia prague airport duty free shop
Aelia, Terminal One

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR TERMINAL ONE: If buying any liquids from a Prague Airport duty free shop they will ask if you want it now or for the flight. If for the flight, it will be put in a security sealed plastic bag. Keep it sealed or any liquids will be confiscated at the security x-ray before you get to the departure gate. In Terminal two it does not matter as the x-ray check is done before the shopping area.

You’ll find up to date cigarette prices (EU and Non-EU) and locations where to shop on My YouTube Channel Prague Airport Duty Free Video along with other videos about Prague.

Post-Brexit Changes

These limits now apply if travelling from Czech to the UK:

  • 200 cigarettes OR
  • 100 cigarillos OR
  • 50 cigars OR
  • 250g tobacco OR
  • 200 sticks of tobacco for heating
  • or any proportional combination of the above i.e. 50 cigarillos and 100 cigarettes is still ok etc
  • 42 litres of beer
  • 18 litres of still wine
  • 4 litres of spirits OR 9 litres of sparkling wine, fortified wine or any alcoholic beverage less than 22% ABV

NOTE: These Prague Airport duty free limits are legal by the UK government. If you choose to take back more than these allowances then it falls under what is considered “personal use” and customs may ask questions regarding your personal consumption rate. Check the “Buying Advice” section below for tips on using Trafika/Tabaks for tobacco.

Tobacco – Republic Czech Travel to other EU (not including UK):

800 cigarettes (4 Cartons)
or 400 cigarillos
or 200 cigars
or 1Kg loose tobacco

Prague Airport Duty Free – Tobacco Price guide

This is a brief roundup of approximate Prague Airport duty free tobacco prices (a carton is 200 cigarettes), most brands are priced in the 880-920Kc bracket for EU. Subtract another 300Kc for the non-EU approximate price. Prices for 2015 are on the YouTube Video but this year they are still pretty much the same.

  • Marlboro 100’s Carton = 910Kc (750Kc non-eu)
  • Marlboro Red/Gold Carton = 910Kc (750Kc non-eu)
  • Camel Blue/Filter Carton = 850Kc (623Kc non-eu or 2x Cartons for 996Kc)
  • Lambert & Butler Carton = 885Kc (735Kc non-eu)
  • Benson and Hedges Gold/silver Carton = 920Kc
  • Superkings Carton = 920Kc
  • Golden Virginia loose 1Kg (20x50g) = 4590Kc
  • Golden Virginia loose 250g (5x50g) = 1250Kc
  • Golden Virginia loose 50g = 350Kc

Cigarette/Tobacco Buying Advice

NOTE: Since Brexit you may find that you are able to buy more tobacco in Prague to take back with you. This is legal since you are paying tax for the tobacco and it will work out the same as buying at an airport duty free so check the Trafika or Tabak post for what to expect. When you first get to the airport your checked luggage is going to take at least 20 minutes to arrive at the carousel so take some time to go into the Duty Free shops like Dufry, Travel Value and Aelia to check what’s on offer and for how much. Then when you get into the city pay a visit to the “TRAFIKA” shop at Revolucni 13 (Google Map Address https://goo.gl/maps/moqXCxeyfEq) close to Republic Square and see what their offer is like. It’s a specialist tobacco shop so buying cartons should not be a problem. If you are looking for a specific cigarette brand then try the “head” shops i.e. anywhere that’s selling bong pipes. Note that Black Russian cigarettes are not sold in this country. You can get Amber Leaf tobacco at the airport 50g for @£5.


These Prague Airport duty free limits are if you are taking drinks between EU countries

10 Litres – Spirits more than 22% by volume.
or 20 Litres – Spirits and fortified wines.
or 90 Litres of table wine.
or 110 Litres of Beer.

And these are the limits if you are taking drinks from the EU to the UK.

  • 42 litres of beer
  • 18 litres of still wine
  • 4 litres of spirits OR 9 litres of sparkling wine, fortified wine or any alcoholic beverage less than 22% ABV

Note: It’s worth shopping around for a Prague Airport duty free deal. In January I found that a 1L bottle of Glenfiddich was CZK250 cheaper at Aelia than it was at Dufry but Dufry had Chivas Regal 12yr whisky nearly CZK500 cheaper than Aelia due to a promotion. Just those two items was a 20 pound saving.

Non-EU travellers also have the option of the Tax Refund service at Global Refund.

There is no limit on alcohol/tobacco imported from and delivered to an EU country where the tax/duty has been paid so long as you can prove it is for personal use.

Prague Airport Duty Free Shops

There are four main Prague duty free providers at Prague airport (not including clothes shops etc):

Czech Airlines (CSA)
Normally the CSA shops sell all items and they specify special duty free sections depending on whether your final destination is EU or non-EU.

Travel Value
This shop has a “best of” selection in Terminal 1 but normally it splits it shops into “Perfume only” and “Alcohol/Tobacco”. This year it was quite common to see a “buy 5 cartons of B&H cigarettes, get a 1L Becherovka for free” type deal.

Basically the same as CSA shops but they have a little 50Kc discount if you are a regular and these places do the 1Kg box of Golden Virginia.

This is the first place you’ll see if departing from Terminal 1 as its on the right after passport control. Biggest Prague Airport duty free shop in the terminal with the best selection of all goods perfume/drink/tobacco/sweets etc. But check Dufry prices first as you might find it cheaper there for certain items.

Tax-Free Jewellery

The big change for UK residents is that you have become eligible for tax-free discounts that EU residents cannot get. I’ve used a shop in the Jewish Quarter for years to buy mostly Garnet but also other jewellery and they have kindly given the users of this site a voucher which can be redeemed at their shop on any jewellery items. That gives you a whopping 21% off. Check the Prague Garnet post and download/print the voucher.