Prague Airport Duty Free Guide

Prague Airport Duty Free Guide

This post tells you what to look out for at the Prague Airport Duty Free shops, how to get a further general 10% saving on anything from the airport except tobacco, which items are best to be bought outside the airport to save money, how and where to buy tobacco and how people travelling back to the UK can use the declaration process to import much more than the stated limits for personal use. The Prague Airport Duty Free and Other Ways of Saving video is below.

aelia prague airport duty free shop
Aelia, Terminal One (now branded as Aelia Black)

A Walk-Through Video of the Basics

Prague Airport Duty Free Tips on Pricing, how to get another 10% off, when to buy in town and import limits

Prague Airport Duty Free Offer

aelia prague airport duty free cosmetics shop
Aelia Beauty has now taken over all the perfume sales

Back before the pandemic there were several companies like “Travel Value”, “Dufry” and “CSA” offering duty free. A company called Lagardere which trades under the name Aelia now controls the bulk of the Prague Airport duty free shopping. Aelia (black) is for spirits and tobacco, Aelia (red) is for cosmetics and perfume. They also operate “Czech Food Lovers” which is a mix of food and alcohol but not tobacco. They also operate “Prague Duty Free” mixed product outlets.

What Am I Saving?

Duty Free means you are not liable for paying VAT which in the Czech Republic for alcohol and tobacco is 21% so you’d think you’d be saving 21% but how much you save is a moving target at Prague Airport Duty Free. Here’s a picture from 2023 in one of the Aelia operated shops. It clearly shows the GREEN Non-EU price and the BLUE EU price for a 1L bottle of Becherovka. This is a big saving on paper i.e. 30%. That’s because the EU price is inflated. You can go into any supermarket in Prague and find a 1L bottle of Becherovka for less than CZK400 which when you lose the tax will give you the correct Non-EU amount.

signage at a prague airport duty free shop showing EU and non-EU pricing for a 1L bottle of Becherovka

Let’s take a look at a bottle of whiskey. In this case we have an EU price of CZK2215 and a Non-EU price of CZK1831. Well that’s only a 17% saving. I think we could be looking at what they lose on the swings they make on the roundabouts.

signage at a prague airport duty free shop showing EU and non-EU pricing for a 1L bottle of laphroaig

The Discount App

Inflyter App for Prague Airport Duty Free (NOT for Tobacco)

If you are thinking about buying spirits or perfume (but not tobacco) then your cheapest option is to download the app at https://prg.inflyter.com/ which will give you a further 10% off any listed price both for EU and Non-EU destinations at any of the Aelia supported shops. You enter your flight information and you are then presented with options and prices for that destination. Pros: 10% discount and pick-up on arrival at the airport (0700-2100). Cons: Limited choice. Check “My Advice” at the end of the post.

From Czech Back to the United Kingdom

This is just for the UK but you should check out your own rules:

  1. The Current allowances for travel back to the UK are on the official Importing Goods to the UK government website.
  2. This page tells you the limits but also informs you that if you bring in more than the limit you have to declare the extra.
  3. This is the UK Import Declaration online. It means that if you are declaring goods for your own personal use or as gifts for others there is no limit but you have to tell the authorities what you are carrying. If these goods are made in the EU and you keep your purchase receipts then there is NO further cost to you. You declare the value of the goods in the local currency i.e. Czech Korun. Worst case scenario? You have to pay VAT on anything imported at 21% but it still saves you 40% on the UK tobacco prices.

UK Government Importation of Goods Excerpt:

uk government excerpt on rules for importing goods
Full details on the link but if you bring back goods with value LESS than £1000 then the above applies

Evidence is as simple as keeping your receipt to show the EU country where you bought the product and labelling on the product that shows it was made in the EU.

Tobacco – Republic Czech Travel to other EU Destinations:

800 cigarettes (4 Cartons)
or 400 cigarillos
or 200 cigars
or 1Kg loose tobacco

Prague Airport Duty Free – Tobacco Price guide

This is a brief roundup of approximate Prague Airport duty free tobacco prices (a carton is 200 cigarettes), most brands are priced in the 1400-1700Kc bracket for EU destinations. For non-EU destinations like the UK and USA the approximate price will be 21% less. There has been a huge reduction in the amount of brands available and more restrictions on if you can buy them i.e. some brands are only for non-EU destinations etc. Here are the most recent prices.

  • Marlboro 100’s Carton = 1500Kc (1275Kc non-EU)
  • Camel Blue/Filter Carton = 1650Kc (1100Kc non-EU or 2x Cartons for 2100Kc)
  • Golden Virginia loose 250g (5x50g) = non-EU1600Kc
  • Amber Leaf loose 250g (5x50g) = non-EU 1600Kc

Cigarette/Tobacco Buying Advice

Did you know that the average price for a packet of cigarettes in the UK is now £12. The average cost in Prague is less than £5.

NOTE: Check your IMPORT rules. Countries like the UK have a recognised limit but also allow “personal use” which can increase what you are allowed to bring in.

If you are travelling to an EU destination then Prague Airport Duty Free is NOT a great deal for you. Instead, when you get into the city pay a visit to the “TRAFIKA” shop at Revolucni 13 (Google Map Address https://goo.gl/maps/moqXCxeyfEq) close to Republic Square and see what their offer is like. It’s a specialist tobacco shop so buying cartons should not be a problem. If you are looking for a specific cigarette brand then try the “head” shops i.e. anywhere that’s selling bong pipes. Note that Black Russian cigarettes are not sold in this country.

If you are buying tobacco at the airport then go to any RELAY newsagent who will sell regular packets at normal prices. It may beat the price at Aelia, it will give you a better choice and if you’re going to the UK it will save you 60%.

Alcohol – Republic Czech Travel to other EU Destinations:

These Prague Airport duty free limits are if you are taking alcohol between EU countries

10 Litres – Spirits more than 22% by volume.
or 20 Litres – Spirits and fortified wines.
or 90 Litres of table wine.
or 110 Litres of Beer.

TAX FREE Jewellery

Go to my Prague Garnet post for details on two places where you can get discounted or even completely tax-free jewellery of all kinds, not just Garnet.

My Advice

If you are travelling to a Non-EU destination then Prague Airport Duty Free will give you the best price on most items especially if combined with the Inflyter app 10% discount but it’s not necessarily the best choice. If you are flying to an EU destination then you will find that buying in the city will often be cheaper especially if you are checking-in luggage which can contain spirits. If you buy cigarettes outside of the Aelia shops then keep your receipts because it shows you’ve paid the VAT. If you are travelling back to the UK buy in the city and use the declaration process link above.

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