Prague Ice Cream Gelato

Prague Ice Cream Gelato Places to Try

It’s getting hot in the city and you’re looking to cool down. Prague Ice Cream Gelato may be on your mind so here are some places that I’ve been to and enjoyed. Two are Old Town and one in the Lesser Town. So we are talking about Ice Cream Gelato, more milk, less fat and importantly less air in the mix so you’ll get your monies worth both in terms of volume and the stronger taste. Look out for seasonal additions. I expect to pay CZK25-CZK30 per scoop plus the cornet/cup so expect around CZK75 per person for a double scoop.

Prague Ice Cream Gelato – Creme de la Creme

man with prague ice cream gelato in a cone standing outside an historic building with period decoration
Making Time for Prague Ice Cream Gelato
eating prague ice cream gelato during the coronavirus 2021 lockdown
Creme de la Creme Prague Ice Cream Gelato – Mango-chilli and Coconut in the 2021 Coronavirus lockdown

Let’s start with my favourite Creme de la Creme at Husova 12 in the Old Town. They have a few places to sit down in the cafe but I usually take away a cornet or cup with 2 scoops. I do try different things and they’ve got more than 20 options at any given time. In the past I’ve tried the Peach and Prosecco (bit sweet for me) and a kind of Mojito Gelato (strong mint flavour). In the first picture I’m just tucking into my favourite combination of coconut and salted caramel (my wife had gone for salted peanut and grenadine). The second still has my favourite coconut but this time I went for mango-chilli which has a little kick. They have other cafe/shops in the city but only this one is does the ice cream gelato.

Prague Ice Cream Gelato – Amorino

Amorino Gelato in Prague’s Old Town

Amorino is back! Any guides that give the Malostranska address are now out of date and although you will find a gelato shop at the old address it’s NOT Amorino. The new Amorino has opened at Maiselova 24/2 in Franz Kafka Namesti right next to the Old Town Square. Not as big as the old location but still carrying the widest range of gelato in the city.


Prague Ice Cream Gelato – Angelato

facade of the angelato prague ice cream gelato shop at ujezd 24
Prague Ice Cream Gelato at Angelato close to the Ujezd Tram Stop

At the time of writing they had two shops. One in the Old Town (Rytirska 27) and the other in the Lesser Town at Ujezd 24. This is the one at the very edge of the Lesser Town and to be honest, just outside. Get off at the Ujezd tram stop. On the park side of the road is the Funicular going up the hill or you might be visiting the Monument to Communist Political Prisoners. On the opposite side is the Hotel Roma. Angelato is in the same building as the Hotel. The first time I came here I got off the tram to see what people were queuing for. They were out the door and 30m down the road. Very aware of ingredients, good selection of flavours with monthly seasonal additions. On this day I went for Rhubarb mainly because I’d never had Prague Ice Cream Gelato made from Rhubarb and usually you have to add a fair amount of sugar to take the sharp edge off but it was fine. I’ve stopped here again with walking tour clients as we walk along that side of the river. I wouldn’t make a special trip to it but as long as I’m in the area, I’ll stop. Remember that they also have a shop in the Old Town.

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